Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 Bluray: Set Complete

12th June 2021 at 3:57 pm

Dear Chibi,

After a long 1.5 year wait, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 has finally landed in Australia. It took almost 6 years to release the entire set.. but here we are, all 200 episodes on bluray and DVD formats! You can read my review on Part 1 here.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 featuring Eternal Sailor Moon on the cover
Super Sailor Saturn is featured on the back of volume 2.
Sailor Chibichibi Moon on disc 4
Princess Kakyuu featured on disc 5
Chaos appears on the final disc. Sailor Galaxia already appears in Part 1 though, so this is a bit of a double up!
Shadow Galactica
Sailor Stars limited edition box set.
Volume 1-10! A little sad that SuperS and Sailor Stars don’t match up with the first 6 volumes… There’s extra Toei Animation logo, Madman logo, Bluray logo, PG ratings..AND parts used instead of episodes. Sailor Pluto and Saturn are also in their “super” forms, while the rest don’t have power ups (I’m being nit picky here XD)
Top of the box sets. One thing that bothers me about this is “Sailor Stars” logo is flipped the wrong way. WHY? What happened to consistency? T_T
Complete limited edition box sets. Again, for the sake of consistency the ‘Cosmic Heart Brooch’ should be on the third box and not the ‘Holy Grail’… Otherwise this looks pretty good.

What a wild ride. From collecting the DVDs to recollecting them in the Bluray formats (which were released after), we got there in the end. I could only hope Madman gets the rights to “Sailor Moon Eternal” one day. It is currently streaming on Netflix. Go watch it if you haven’t already! :D All in all, pretty happy with the collection despite some inconsistency with the design & packaging. It could be worse :P Who knows, maybe Madman will release a “complete box set” one day!

What are your thoughts on this final Sailor Stars release? If you’re interested in owning a copy of Madman’s Australian release, they are available on DVD and Bluray (region B). For more Sailor Moon merchandise, check out this shopping guide.

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2 Responses to “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 Bluray: Set Complete”

  1. Luka says:

    I was wondering when you’d get around to getting part 2 of Sailor Stars :D

    I’m so happy we finally have all 200 episodes, but the consistency does kinda annoy me a bit… like we had such nice cover artworks for all the dvds and blu-rays, but then we get to Sailor Stars part 2 and they just slap on the boring artwork of Eternal Sailor Moon from the American VIZ release! Where are all the other characters? It doesn’t match with the other artworks at all…

    Part of my excitement for the wait was wondering what pretty artwork they’d use for this elusive season, so this was such a letdown to me T_T

    • Chibi says:

      Hi Luka!
      I agree.. the box art was very underwhelming and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I later found out it was the same cover as Part 1 of the US release…nnooOo.

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