Happy Year of the Tiger ~Lion dancing fun

1st February 2022

Chinese New Year Lion Dance Head (DIY)

Dear Chibi,

Gong hei fat choy, sun tai gin hong~ Happy Chinese New Year!! :D Wishing our family and friends happiness, good health and fortune.

P-chan holding red pocket
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Lantern and Moon Cakes

22nd September 2021

Dear Chibi,

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Although this year we weren’t able to see our families and have a reunion dinner, we tried to continue the tradition at home. Moon Festival was always a really exciting time for me growing up as a kid, and I wanted P-chan to feel that joy and excitement too. This year we did some Moon Festival themed activities and listened to stories and songs. Of course, we played with lanterns and had moon cake!

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Sailor Moon Micro Block

12th June 2016

Dear Chibi,

This morning we built the Sailor Moon Micro Block I received from Kaz :D And when I say ‘we built’ I meant Hubby built ;D The instruction sheet looked intimidating for me, so I just helped sort out the different pieces XD

Work in progress photos:


All up, it took around 50 minutes to put together, while we sipped on tea at our cosy kotatsu. Thanks Hubby :D



I built a Billy Dollhouse :D

21st July 2014

Dear Chibi,

About 2 months ago, I started building a little doll house, which I primarily worked on during my lunch break or down time. This personal side project came about when Robbie put the kit on my desk and asked if I wanted it. He had it lying around his desk for years and wanted to throw it away, so I happily accepted it without knowing what I was getting myself into… Not until I opened it anyway! It turns out the instructions were all in Japanese… and I don’t have the slightest clue when it comes to building things! Determined to make it happen, I went into an Art Supplies store and bought some glue and brushes. After many hours of trial and error, google translating, blu-tacking, taping, cutting, dissolving resin pellets and gluing… we have our finished product!!




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Battlecruiser Operational

17th March 2013

Dear Chibi,


Look what I received today!! Jacky made me a model of the Terran Battlecruiser. Doesn’t it look so AWESOMELY EPIC? :D It’s just like the real thing…except it’s made out of paper! Yes..paper! When I first saw it I wasn’t even sure what it was made of until I touched it, eheheee.

In total it took him about 40 hours to put it altogether, aww…so much effort <3

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