Goodbye 2021

30th December 2021

Dear Chibi,

With 2021 coming to an end, we decided to close off the year with one final photoshoot. It was a fun-filled afternoon, and Hubby captured it all so brilliantly <3

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Merry Christmas & a month of festivities

25th December 2021

Dear Chibi,

Merry Christmas from our family to yours <3

With P-chan being a little older this year, we’re able to get him more involved and excited for Christmas! From helping us set up our tree and hanging the baubles, to singing “Jingle Bells”, he’s been asking to see Santa every morning when he wakes up :D

Capturing the little mischief between these two ^.^

Here’s a roundup of some of P-chan’s Christmas adventures this month:

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Darling Harbour water play & a giant Christmas tree

14th December 2021

Dear Chibi,

It’s been such an exciting month full of fun Christmas activities :D

We had a big day out on Saturday, spending most of the time in the city at Darling Harbour. After filling our bellies with delicious burgers and chips from Ume Burger, we headed to the kids playground where we stayed for the next few hours. The best thing about this playground is all the water features and fountains, which was again, a huge hit for P-chan. He had an absolute blast running around touching every fountain and exploring on the rocky surfaces. I loved seeing the sheer delight on his face as he splashed water with his little hands and feet :3 Hubby did an amazing job capturing all these precious little moments <3

So amused *_*
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Farm Stay Weekend Part 2: NSW Rail Museum

19th November 2021

Dear Chibi,

Farm Stay Weekend Part 1: Strawberry Picking

The next morning we found chickens at our door step having some breakfast. P-chan watched as he munched on a little sandwich of his own.

Heading down to the cages, we were delighted to find a freshly laid egg on the ground! Score 8D!

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Family day out @Symbio Zoo

2nd November 2021

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday P-chan spent a fun day out with his most favourite people~ both sets of grandparents and of course Mummy and Daddy. After such a long time being in lockdown, it was really nice to go out and spend time with family again. We enjoyed a full day at Symbio Zoo, interacting with animals, having a picnic near the kids playground and water fun at the splash park. All in one location! It was our first time coming here and we were really impressed by the cleanliness and spaciousness. It made for a relaxing, low stress experience. P-chan was so keen to explore, he couldn’t stop walking XD. I followed along and captured as many photos my camera battery could handle (It didn’t make it to the end of the day… aw XD)

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Lantern and Moon Cakes

22nd September 2021

Dear Chibi,

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Although this year we weren’t able to see our families and have a reunion dinner, we tried to continue the tradition at home. Moon Festival was always a really exciting time for me growing up as a kid, and I wanted P-chan to feel that joy and excitement too. This year we did some Moon Festival themed activities and listened to stories and songs. Of course, we played with lanterns and had moon cake!

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Spring blossoms

12th September 2021

Dear Chibi,

Spring is here in full bloom. We’ve had this peach blossom tree in our backyard for as long as we’ve lived here, yet it’s the first time I really noticed it. I guess we have been spending a lot more time in our backyard this year. Isn’t it so beautiful? We decided to capture more memories together on this beautiful warm day.

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My Birthday Weekend Farm Stay

24th May 2021

Dear Chibi,

Another year younger…who’s keeping count? ;) My birthday landed on a Friday this year, but Hubby made sure I still had my favourite type of breakfast~ Waffles with oreo icecream served with hot hojicha..yummmm…what a way to start the day! ^.^ <333


My dinner request was a no-brainer~ SUKIYAKI :DDD The cold has made it particularly awesome this year.

P-chan was so excited for it!! His favourite was the beef and tofu.
OH GOSH SO TASTY. Totally had food coma after this. Could not stop eating!!
But wait~ there’s more!! *_*

Hubby surprised me with this gorgeous Banana Caramel Cake from Patisserie New York. So delicious and pretty!! *_* The macaron..oh my.

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