A cheeky Shoalhaven getaway

21st December 2023 at 3:51 pm

Dear Chibi,

Earlier this month, we snuck in a short beach trip to Shoalhaven for 3 days and 2 nights. It happened to be right after the 44 degree heatwave was over, so we had surprisingly pleasant weather. We spent 2 days enjoying the beautiful Seven Mile Beach and the rest of the time relaxing at the holiday park nearby.

P-chan hasn’t stopped talking about the jumping pillow and pedal karts from our previous trip, so he was definitely excited to be doing it again!

Here we go!

P-chan still has more fun with Daddy XD Mummy is just too weak to pedal fast!

This time we had the entire jumping pillow to ourselves. Look at that smile :)

“Help meeee…”


Instead of digging a big hole as usual, Hubby dug a small deep hole.

Finding pipis! Though there’s way less than there used to be back in the day…

So fun watching these little guys dig a hole and run away hiding.

P-chan loved the water so much. He kept running into the waves on his own, giving me a slight heart attack each time XP

Spotted a little crabby :3

It was a relaxing, last minute trip before the busy holiday season kicks in. So glad we fit this in <3

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