P-chan turns 5~ A Lego Birthday Party!

30th April 2024 at 8:37 pm

Dear Chibi,

My sweet little P-chan is 5! We sure built some fun memories together :)

Every year for his birthday, I like to throw him a themed party that reflects his current interests. Previously we’ve had The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Thomas the Tank Engine and Taiko no Tatsujin. Although he still loves watching Thomas and taiko drumming, he’s grown fond of building with Lego, so a brick party it was :D

A fun little guessing game which turned out harder than expected XD Can you guess how many is in the jar?

I set up a colouring activity for the artsy kids with these homemade lego crayons. I think they turned out so cute :3

The theme got me pretty excited to do lots of DIY craft. I always feel like a little child again when I get to be creative :) Time to decorate! ^.^

Party bags were really fun to put together. Lots of cutting, drawing and pasting. I came up with two different designs so no two siblings got the same thing.

Brick glasses which come with pieces so you could decorate your own. These were prizes for the games (though we only managed to fit 1 game XD)

These cupcakes turned out so adorable. Love love love the brick candy (you could actually build with them). I think the kids were pretty excited by these! *_*

My proudest creation for the party are probably these 4 giant lego bricks (and pinata)! They sure were a labour of love. So happy with how these turned out.

P-chan and I built a few things together with lego to add to the deco. He really wanted to help out with the party!

Of course, we brought along a tub of duplo for the kids who wanted to build.

Happy Birthday to you~

After cake comes more sweets!! Pinata is always a fun one. P-chan actually requested it after last year’s party :) We didn’t have a proper ‘stick’ this time, so the kids picked up sticks from the ground. Can’t say they were all that effective though hAHAH XD

I love all the expressions XDDD

MZ brings in the big guns.

After multiple attempts, the pinata finally fell to the ground. Candy for everyone! Go go go!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate P-chan’s big day! He had an absolute blast seeing his friends and family and feeling all the love <3 Thank you for building wonderful memories with us!

His birthdays are always a little emotional for me :’) I just want to treasure every little moment together, and I hope he will always know how much we love him.

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