Umina Beach holiday resort

15th November 2023 at 11:07 pm

Dear Chibi,

Beach, go karts, bouncing pillow, splash park, pool, spa, playground and delicious food. So much fun packed into 3 days :D It was so nice to spend some time away to unwind and relax.

It was raining for the entire drive to the Central Coast, but the weather cleared up for us just as we arrived at the Holiday Park. And we got to check-in early too, woohoo! We spent the afternoon enjoying these really fun go-kart pedal bikes, and the large puddles from the rain earlier added to the excitement..because..puddles!


I got to ride my own bike for most of it since P-chan thinks Mummy drives too slowly XPPP

Hey, I’m not THAT slow, okay? :P

Right outside our cabin was the kids playground and large bouncing pillow.

This was our first time going on one of these and it was pretty fun! Very bouncy!

Hubby jumped. so. high :O

Epic XD.

What we also loved about our stay was just how close we were to Umina Beach. So of course we took advantage of it with lots of beach play.

P-chan loved playing in the sand and collecting his findings in his wagon.

We seem to get photobombed by dogs, don’t we? ;)

And the hole digging begins.

Hubby working hard in the background!

P-chan pretending to be dragon dancing ^.^

The hole is complete…!!

P-chan just couldn’t resist… XDDD

The splash park is always a favourite. We decided to have some fun here before jumping into the pool and spa.

Love his smile :)

We ended both nights in the pool before jumping into the spa.

A final visit to Umina Beach on our last day before saying good bye.

Really puts a smile on my face looking back at these photos. More precious memories were made.

P.S A rainbow lorikeet landed on my head which P-chan thought was hilarious teehee~

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