Fun day out @ Calmsley Hill City Farm

14th June 2023 at 7:58 pm

Dear Chibi,

This King’s Birthday public holiday we took P-chan and the grandparents out for a fun day at Calmsley Hill City Farm at Abbotsbury. P-chan loved the animals so much he was giving them hugs and using them as pillows XD We spent the day petting farm and native animals, giving them a feed, seeing the demos, enjoyed a BBQ picnic lunch and of course the tractor ride!

We bought a bag of animal feeds, though my father-in-law was convinced it was just the grass you can find on the ground XD Can’t fool these animals though they only went for the ones out of the bag lol. Smart.

This emu entertained us by grabbing the sticks we were offering it lol.


Time for our tractor ride. This was pretty fun though admittedly we probably ate dust. XD P-chan enjoyed this a lot and didn’t want to get off. Luckily Aunty Kaz had another ticket for round 2 later!

Back to the nursery for round 2 of hugs.

P-chan’s first time milking a cow.

Sheep shearing show

These two ^.^

Feeding the friendly alpacas. I was kinda over the desperate goats when they started chewing on my skirt XP

Tractor ride round 2 woo! We decided to sit at the back this time. It was a less dusty!

Back at the nursery for the nth time. ^.^

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