Japan 2024: Mishima Skywalk, Mt Fuji, Izu Panorama Park

10th June 2024

Dear Chibi,

Our first sighting of Fujisan!! :D

On our third and final day in Hakone we met up with Hubby’s Uncle and Aunty from Hong Kong, who also happen to be on holidays in Japan. We took this chance to hang out and spend the day sightseeing together :) Uncle Wah rented a car and drove us around to multiple locations. First up was Mishima Sky Walk!

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Japan 2024: Rainy day at Hakone Shrine

8th June 2024

Dear Chibi,

Remember the rain I mentioned in my previous entry? It carried over to the next day :’) Views still look amazing though with all the mist.

We enjoyed a delicious buffet breakfast at the hot spring resort. This is definitely my kind of breakfast! I especially loved the onsen egg…and of course we went for seconds..and thirds.

We finally arrive at one of the entrances to Hakone Shrine. Everything is so picturesque, but of course it was still very foggy and a bit wet!

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Japan 2024: Hakone & hot springs

7th June 2024

Dear Chibi,

Bye bye Tokyo, hello Hakone!

Look at this stunning view from our hotel room, situated on the slopes of Joyama Mountain. It was such a lovely change of scenery after a few days in the bustling city of Tokyo. Time to relax and enjoy being surrounded by nature.. and best of all… the amazing onsen! This was another highlight for me :D

We stayed in a Japanese-style room with traditional tatami flooring. Very comfy and spacious. P-chan had plenty of space to run around in circles.

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