Japan 2024: Mishima Skywalk, Mt Fuji, Izu Panorama Park

10th June 2024 at 5:13 pm

Dear Chibi,

Our first sighting of Fujisan!! :D

On our third and final day in Hakone we met up with Hubby’s Uncle and Aunty from Hong Kong, who also happen to be on holidays in Japan. We took this chance to hang out and spend the day sightseeing together :) Uncle Wah rented a car and drove us around to multiple locations. First up was Mishima Sky Walk!

The 400m suspension bridge was pretty amazing! I was a little nervous of the height, but P-chan ran ahead without any fear. He was so excited and loved looking down at the workers chopping trees below. Lots of stunning views here of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay.

Across the bridge, we had some ice-cream and checked out more vantage points. P-chan then raced back across the bridge since he wanted to be first XD.

Next we drove to Numazu for some delicious fresh seafood for lunch.


Next up was the ropeway to Izunokuni Panorama Park! :D Wooo, we finally get to go on a cable car! This must’ve been the highlight of the day for P-chan as he was just so excited by the whole experience. The epic height, the length…the incredible views. It kept climbing higher and higher, and he didn’t want it to end.

Meanwhile I’m sitting there totally freaking out, but trying to stay calm and not look like a crazy lady :P I was a bit too nervous to enjoy the views, especially when it swayed side to side and made some mechanical noises o.o Just get me to my destination safely please XD.

So beautiful…. we could not get enough of Mt Fuji.

Can almost see Mt Fuji in the reflection!

There was a small shrine and garden to explore, including a children’s playground which was pretty rare to see.

At the summit, we sat down for a free foot bath while enjoying views of Mt Fuji.

Soo cute! I love these little touches. At the entrance parking lot they even painted witches hats to look like Mt Fuji lol

One final attempt at the reflection pool!

P-chan had the best time with Uncle Wah today. He loved holding his hand and leading him around the gardens (even when they were going in a loop XD). Sadly it was time to go… but at least P-chan got another go at the cable car!

Uncle Wah kindly dropped us off at Atami station where we caught a shinkansen to our next destination. It was such a fun and memorable day, I hope we can see them again soon :)

Next stop…. Nagoya! :D

Japan 2024: Hideaki Anno Exhibition Nagoya

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