Japan 2024: Hakone & hot springs

7th June 2024 at 8:40 am

Dear Chibi,

Bye bye Tokyo, hello Hakone!

Look at this stunning view from our hotel room, situated on the slopes of Joyama Mountain. It was such a lovely change of scenery after a few days in the bustling city of Tokyo. Time to relax and enjoy being surrounded by nature.. and best of all… the amazing onsen! This was another highlight for me :D

We stayed in a Japanese-style room with traditional tatami flooring. Very comfy and spacious. P-chan had plenty of space to run around in circles.

We had an earlier meal since lots of restaurants were closing up at around 4.30pm. Bizarre XD. Of course, we stopped by Lawsons and grabbed a whole heap of food and snacks to enjoy later as well. This stuff is delicioussss.

Mont Blanc icecream dessert yummyyy~ Turns out we were the last to order, as it was 4.45pm and they closed at 4.45pm. What timing??

After exploring the local town, we headed back to our hotel and changed into our yukata. P-chan loved his outfit and called it a ‘dress’ XDD. We spent the rest of the evening at the onsen. Hubby took P-chan to the men’s side, while I enjoyed some quiet solo time in the women’s onsen. It actually started raining a little as well, so that definitely added to the cosiness of the hot springs.

With Sydney’s cold weather… I miss the onsen even more right now!! XD

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