Japan 2024: Rainy day at Hakone Shrine

8th June 2024 at 9:00 am

Dear Chibi,

Remember the rain I mentioned in my previous entry? It carried over to the next day :’) Views still look amazing though with all the mist.

We enjoyed a delicious buffet breakfast at the hot spring resort. This is definitely my kind of breakfast! I especially loved the onsen egg…and of course we went for seconds..and thirds.

We finally arrive at one of the entrances to Hakone Shrine. Everything is so picturesque, but of course it was still very foggy and a bit wet!

Loving all the green moss. It has a certain charm, doesn’t it?

Amazing. Look how high those trees are :O

Ore No Udon at Gongen Karamemochi. This broth is surprisingly addictive.

Hakone Shrine’s famous red gate (torii) standing over Lake Ashi. It was a bit too windy and cold to line up for photos so we just snuck in a pic from the side.

Some really breathtaking views here…

Finally, the sun came out but only after we finished seeing Hakone Shrine :’) Hubby had planned a full itinerary for us today but unfortunately due to the strong winds, the cable car and pirate ship rides were both suspended :( Yes, we were supposed to go on a PIRATE SHIP. How cool would’ve that been? Ah..so disappointing.

Back to Hakone Yumoto

This shot looks like something right out of an anime….. ^.^

With things closing early again, we headed back to our hotel for 2 more onsen sessions :D This time I brought P-chan with me, and he loved it. Apart from the onsen he also enjoyed the public bath experience a lot. He had lots of fun spraying water everywhere, and thankfully we had the whole place to ourselves so I was pretty lax about it.

Oh yes, our dessert of the day…. mmm :>

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