SC2 Season 3!

29th July 2011

Dear Chibi,
Season 3 of Starcraft 2 has arrived! I played my placement matches for 1v1, 2v2 random and 3v3 random and ended up in the same league as last season- Platinum in 1v1, Diamond in 2v2 and Diamond in 3v3. I’ve come a long way since my bronze league days, so hopefully with a little more practise (particularly on my micro), I can get into Diamond league this season (solo) :D But of course, I’ll need to maintain Platinum first! XD

Meanwhile, I’ve got a new SC2 friend named Dstyler (thanks to Burpy) and 2 nights ago we decided to play some 2v2. Now, Dstyler is a much better player than I am. I’ve versed him three times before and lost pretty convincingly. I didn’t think he would want to team up with me but we did end up playing, kinda doing ‘whatever’ since we didn’t have much of a game plan. Surprisingly, we won 4/5 of our placement matches (Dstyler was dropped in the game we lost) and ..we landed in MASTERS LEAGUE! woohoooo! :D We were both pretty excited when the blue shiny starred icon popped up. yay!

Starcraft 2 Season 3 progress

Now to make the other ones look pretty too =D

Starcraft2 Platinum League

8th May 2011

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday I logged onto battlenet to play a ladder game as I normally do after work. Surprisingly, I was promoted to the Platinum league after winning the match :D! OMG!

SC2 Platinum league

As of 6th May 2011

It took me a few moments to register before I started squealing in joy XD Usually I know when I’m about to be promoted, as I’d consistently win games and be evenly matched with opponents in a higher league. I suppose this time the transition from gold to platinum was a lot earlier than when I was stuck in silver and bronze. I’m not sure I’m good enough to be in platinum level yet. I felt like I was just sitting on low gold (with about a 27 wins, 21 losses). I guess we’ll just see how I go. It is an encouragement though since I thought gold was the highest I could reach :)

I didn’t think I’d end up having 2 blog posts about Starcraft in a row… please, don’t mind me 8D


Starcraft Season 2 Progress

17th April 2011

Dear Chibi,

Back again for a progress update on my journey through the SEA battlenet  ladder. A few weeks ago, Season 1 concluded and during the lock-down period, I played a bunch of games with hopes to improve my division rankings (You can get a pretty star and wings on the icon). I was quite pleased with what I achieved (well..apart from the 4v4 bronze division which I regret I ever played :p)

Starcraft Season 1 snapshot

Since then, the ladder was reset which meant we needed to complete 1 placement match in order to be placed on the ladder again. Surprisingly, I was promoted up a league in most of the matches :D

Season 2 Starcraft

As of 17.04.11

I’m really happy I finally made it to the Gold league from rank 100 in Bronze. I have been trying to improve, watching my replays, watching streams and reading forums. Now to stick around here and slowly improve on my mechanics :D Sadly, most people on my ‘friends list’ don’t play anymore.. so I guess I might play more random team games. I wonder if I’ll be able to make it to Masters in 3v3? XD Pushing my luck here, but it is possible. I played a game today where a player was in Masters in 3v3, but Bronze in 1v1…funny aye?


Starcraft2 3v3 Platinum

16th January 2011

Dear Chibi,
This is just a little progress update from my previous Starcraft2 blog entry. Recently I started playing in 3v3 random teams to see what it’s like co-operating with strangers. I won 1/5 of the placement matches and landed in Silver (I will never forget the horror of my “allie” who was gas stealing off me >_>) . However, just after 2 days I was promoted to Gold with a mere 11win-12 loss ratio~ O_o..err yay!

Today I end up playing a few more games and got promoted to Platinum! lol
Current Ratio: 26 wins-17 losses, Rank 40.

It sure is a lot easier to climb the ranks in a random team than with friends~

Silver time~

7th November 2010

Dear Chibi,

Today I got promoted to the Silver League in SC2 Battlenet, yay!

Chibi in Silver League

Just a little progress update from my first Starcraft2 Placement match :)
Current 1v1 stat: 33 Wins/26 Losses

Starcraft 2 Placement Matches

11th September 2010

Dear Chibi,

Since getting Starcraft 2, I’ve been playing plenty of it every night. Jacky bought me a really really awesome gaming headset- just look at this monster =D I love it so much ^^ I will make good use of this :)

I haven’t entered the league yet though, as I’m really inexperienced playing against humans. I usually play against computer AI, where they behave in a somewhat predictable manner. Humans are devious though, you really don’t know what they’ve got planned up their sleeve. Nevertheless, I do intend to finish my placement matches one day and get into it.

To be placed on the ladders, we first have to complete 5 placement matches. Depending on the wins and loss, they’ll rank you according to your skill level with other players. The 5 levels are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Burpy is currently in Platinum,  Marcus in Silver, Mark and I unranked.  So far I’ve played 2 matches, both against players who were from the silver league. I lost my first one against a Terran last week, which left me feeling a bit depressed since I didn’t think I’d lose the first game. So I waited for a week to recover and finally played my second match this morning. This time it was against a Zerg player, and thankfully I made my first win! It was a very very very close game. I was so nervous and scared because I had made some terrible choices which left me pretty vulnerable in the end. My entire base was wiped out, while I was wiping out the opponents. Luckily I had one SCV escape so I ran and built a supply depot on the other side of the world. Because of that one structure, I survived longer.

What have I learnt? These games are tough regardless what others say. Hopefully one day I’ll not worry so much about losses and concentrate on the wins. There’s some cute portraits I want to get, and the only way to achieve them is by winning!

I am looking forward to entering the league in some team games too :)

Chibi's Starcraft Profile

This will look prettier one day!

Starcraft 2 & Pink Power!

30th August 2010

Dear Chibi,

Oh look, my Starcraft 2 game arrived today! yaaaay :D

I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 multiplayer over the past 4 weeks, using various guest keys from Mark & Burpy to try it out. I didn’t buy it when it was first released since I hadn’t decided if I’d like it enough to buy. I’ve never bought a game before so it’s all a little new to me (spending my cash on games feels out-of-character :p) I think it was a pretty good decision since I managed to get it for a pretty good price (bought it online from JB).

As soon as I received the freebie guest pass, I jumped straight into Terran multiplayer and confused myself. Where’s my medics? Why does everything require vespene gas to build? ahah.. I mistook the ‘time’ icon as a ‘gas’ icon so I was sitting around waiting to build a refinery before I can build a supply depot. Luckily, after a few games, it all came back to me :D

Starcraft 2 lagged a lot when I first played because my computer couldn’t handle it. So I had Jacky reformat my computer one weekend and saw that it was working much better! However, my computer was still not up to scratch so he ended up giving me his whole computer xD To enhance the co-op game play, I asked him to get me a headset which I was told should be arriving soon too. yaaaay….all just to feed my Starcraft addiction ;D I feel spoiled

Time to activate my account!