SC2 Season 3!

29th July 2011 at 3:40 pm

Dear Chibi,
Season 3 of Starcraft 2 has arrived! I played my placement matches for 1v1, 2v2 random and 3v3 random and ended up in the same league as last season- Platinum in 1v1, Diamond in 2v2 and Diamond in 3v3. I’ve come a long way since my bronze league days, so hopefully with a little more practise (particularly on my micro), I can get into Diamond league this season (solo) :D But of course, I’ll need to maintain Platinum first! XD

Meanwhile, I’ve got a new SC2 friend named Dstyler (thanks to Burpy) and 2 nights ago we decided to play some 2v2. Now, Dstyler is a much better player than I am. I’ve versed him three times before and lost pretty convincingly. I didn’t think he would want to team up with me but we did end up playing, kinda doing ‘whatever’ since we didn’t have much of a game plan. Surprisingly, we won 4/5 of our placement matches (Dstyler was dropped in the game we lost) and ..we landed in MASTERS LEAGUE! woohoooo! :D We were both pretty excited when the blue shiny starred icon popped up. yay!

Starcraft 2 Season 3 progress

Now to make the other ones look pretty too =D

4 Responses to “SC2 Season 3!”

  1. Jacky says:

    gota try and get into the ‘Good’ league next =)

  2. feedthe1337 says:

    You have much to learn, student. 8)