Starcraft2 3v3 Platinum

16th January 2011 at 4:36 pm

Dear Chibi,
This is just a little progress update from my previous Starcraft2 blog entry. Recently I started playing in 3v3 random teams to see what it’s like co-operating with strangers. I won 1/5 of the placement matches and landed in Silver (I will never forget the horror of my “allie” who was gas stealing off me >_>) . However, just after 2 days I was promoted to Gold with a mere 11win-12 loss ratio~ O_o..err yay!

Today I end up playing a few more games and got promoted to Platinum! lol
Current Ratio: 26 wins-17 losses, Rank 40.

It sure is a lot easier to climb the ranks in a random team than with friends~

4 Responses to “Starcraft2 3v3 Platinum”

  1. feedthe1337 says:

    Well, most of the random people out there are probably better than I am, so that will explain it (/._.\) XD.

    That’s a good record, though \(^_^)/. Maybe gas stealing off you is a good strat. Will try next time (^_^)V.

  2. Ray says:

    ZOMG @)@… Platinum Chibi.. *bows*