Off for a month holiday~ Japan and HK

29th March 2012

Dear Chibi,

Just two more days left till I’m off to Japan with Jacky :D Yaaay! I should start packing soon. Unfortunately, I started feeling unwell yesterday, so here I am at home today trying to recover! I’m sooo excited about this trip; it’s been about a year now since the Earthquake hit Japan. Hopefully everything runs smoothly :) We will also be celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary there~<3

These past couple of weeks has been quite an interesting experience :) Not sure how to describe it, except it’s different and refreshing.

Sailor Moon presents!

18th November 2011

Dear Chibi,

My good friend Marcus recently returned from his month trip to Hong Kong and Japan, and brought back so many goodies =DDD

Hong Kong MTR Sailor Moon Souvenir Ticket Series

MTR Sailor Moon Souvenir Tickets

MTR Classic Anime Souvenir Tickets featuring new Sailor Moon artwork!! These include three souvenir tickets with the Inner senshi, a ticket holder, and key-chain. These were only available in Hong Kong for a very limited time and were sold out so quickly! I’m so happy he managed to get them :D Then again, he did line up for them the day they came out. Oh so awesome.

Sailor Moon gifts

Look at that SHIIINNNNY card in the middle o.o These cards are so nostalgic… I still have the ones I collected as a child sitting in my draw.

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The Japanese Experience. Final

3rd March 2008

Dear Chibi,

I’ve reached Part 3 of the Japan Experience! There’s really only 2 more places I want to blog about, one being Tokyo’s Disneyland =) Previously I’ve only been to the one in Hong Kong and thought it was a bit small but still good. This one is MASSIVE. We spent a whole day there and still couldn’t get around to all 7 lands. There were a lot of people that day too and it wasn’t a weekend or any special day. According to the tour guide, it’s only 1/4 amount of the usual.


In total, we went on about 10 rides/shows which I thought were mostly very amusing. I loved Fantasyland..Peter Pan’s Flight was magical! OMG I feel like I’m in a dream- flying over London’s night city on a boat. I can’t put any rides properly into words.. you just have to experience it for yourself! It’s also hard (or impossible) to take pictures while on the rides too.


Snow White & Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty & Prince Charming, Bell and..Prince Charming XD I think they have names @.@ lol.

I loved all the princesses anyway, so preeetty @.@

buzz.jpg balloons.jpg

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The Japanese Experience Part 2

29th February 2008

Dear Chibi,

After the FujiQ Amusement park, we travelled to the hotel where we were staying for the night. I liked this location, you can see Fujisan on the other side of the lake. Some of us dressed in a yukata (provided by the hotel) while we had dinner and wandered around the building. It’s quite a heated building so it was okay to wear XD That night there was also firework displays we could see outside our room window! It ran for about 30 minutes, and Kazzy was all excited and snapping pictures away.. (took too many, lol) Two which stood out most was a STAR shaped display, and yes.. a SMILEY face one! aww..the smiling face one was soo cool… but Kazzy missed it ;_; We weren’t exactly expecting one of those!

yukata.jpg fireworks.jpg

Along with the yukatas, there was of course, hot spring baths! That was pretty relaxing… pictures from there XP


Mt Fuji the next morning outside the hotel. Looky! No clouds covering its peak!~

Next we went up Mt Fuji’s skii resort o.o Ok, that’s just beyond freezing, hahahaa… *cough* At this point I was feeling a bit unwell. The problem with Japan’s temperature is that it’s reaally really cold outside (so we wear a lot), yet, really really hot inside buildings. It feels like I’ve been turned into an icecube, and then upon entering the buildings, we break into pieces XD We went up there to the snows for a few hours, but didn’t ski or anything. Didn’t..feel like it XD

Next was lunch! This was quite nice too…


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The Japanese Experience

27th February 2008

Dear Chibi,

What does Chibi always look out for when traveling to a new place? The toilets! XD Not so much of where they are, but what they’re like. Sadly, the toilets at the Japan airport weren’t as amazing as the ones in South Korea (the changing toilet seat). They were normal, haha.

tap.jpg dryer.jpg

Here’s the tap where you push down instead of up, and a mini hand dryer.

Of course, the Japanese come up with much more interesting toilets than that. I was very excited to find that the toilets in the hotel are bizarre. I’ve heard about them, but seeing it in action is wacko XD


As you can see above, the Japanese have extra options that go with their toilet =) As Tokyo is a freeeezing place this time of the year (was -2 degrees, max 9) , the seats are all heated~ ahh. hehe. The moment you sit on the seat, water starts filling up inside, and it says “preparation”- it makes you wonder what it’s preparing, lol. Well, once it reaches a certain level it stops. After doing your business, you flush it, of course. But, tis’ not the end! It can wash your butt for you XD Clicking on the extras, a little pipe comes out and starts spraying water- different options for male and female. Then it can also blow dry it for you. Aren’t the Japanese living a great life? You just sit there and everything does the work for you ^^;;; Might I just add I don’t think I wanna touch those options again! hahaha…


During the trip, I also found other interesting toilets. One that particularly grabbed my attention was one that made FAKE FLUSH NOISES! LOL. You can even set the volume… I don’t understand why they would need an extra option to make fake flushing noises, without the toilet flushing. My conclusion was if you wanted to pretend you went to the toilet, and didn’t wanna waste water for flushing nothing ^^; I dunno.

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