Part 1: I flew to Japan for the Sailor Moon Musical (and it was awesome!)

29th August 2014 at 7:50 pm

Dear Chibi,

I’m finally back from my “SAILOR MOON TRIP TO JAPAN” adventure~ flying to Tokyo for the Sailor Moon Musical :D Instead of always ‘wishing I was there’, I decided I was going to make it happen this time. The idea itself excited me just as much as being there :D Sailor Moon is one of my most favourite things ever, so being able to watch a live show for its 20th Anniversary, meeting other moonies, buying merch and shopping in Tokyo in general (I LOVE JAPAN)~ was going to be great. So the journey begins, with just me and Kaz (my twin sister) who’s also into Sailor Moon!

Unfortunately, the trip didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. The moment I got off the plane from Narita Airport, I was hit with the crazy humidity and 36°C heat and got sick… so sick that I end up wasting an entire day lying on a couch without air con :’D Thankfully, Kaz came home that night with some dinner and meds for me :D She spent the day exploring Shibuya herself.


Kaz with our 7-Eleven dinner :’D We stayed in Shin-Okubo.

The next day was the day of the the Musical~ Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Petite Étrangèr :D :D Brad helped us and Cycyn get tickets to the first show, so we met up to see it together. Both Brad and Cycyn have been my long-time online Sailor Moon friends, and it was my first time meeting Cycyn in person!! SHE IS SO CUTE AND BUBBLY!! AHHH I’M SO HAPPY I COULD FINALLY MEET HER :D!! (She’s even appeared in my dream before…lol that sounds kinda creepy XD)


Me with Brad (MoonKitty)!


Kaz and Cycyn


We dropped by several stores in Shibuya to check out Sailor Moon merch :D




Sailor Moon gashapon machines @ Animate



Kaz end up with the cute one above, and I ended up with Sailor Saturn~ her favourite senshi… so we end up swapping :3 The clear files are very very nice! Much better seeing them in person.


Sailor Moon display at Animate! :D



We grabbed ourselves some yummy dinner before heading to the musical.


Cycyn changed into her gorgeous Sailor Moon Crystal Mid-transformation outfit!! :D :D Freakin awesome!

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Petite Étrangèr


Outside the AiiA Theatre!!


Upon entry, we checked out the beautiful Sailor Moon merchandise they had on display! Lots of Premium Bandai exclusives~ too bad we can’t buy them ^^”


SUPER SUPER Cute. These were only announced earlier that same day.


Sailor Moon UFO Catcher Prizes







The first time the Sailor Moon Crystal Brooch Necklace was revealed! Those pens look snazzy too :’)








They also had samples of the perfume so we could smell it :D Very nice!


There was a massive line to buy Sailor Moon Musical goods. I picked up a copy of the Sailor Moon Musical Pamphlet ^^ ‘Moon Pride’ was playing on loop in the background.



Into the theater! We were on the 8th row.



Oh oh, I also saw Osabu~ The editor for the Sailor Moon manga 8D I called out his name and he smiled back, ohohoho.



Flipping through the Sailor Moon Musical Pamphlet :D SO MANY PRETTY PICTURES.


No photography was allowed during the performance, so this is all we had :3 Kaz and I represented by Sailor Saturn and Chibimoon :D

This was my first time watching a Sailor Moon Musical, and since my level of Japanese isn’t that great at all (lol) I worried about not being able to understand what the heck was going on XD Thankfully, Sailor Moon is Sailor Moon and the plot is pretty straight forward if you already know how the story goes :D I personally thought the performance was excellent! I loved the costumes, the singing and dancing. THE BLACK MOON CLAN LOOK AWESOME. AND PLUTO. AND TUXY <333 Okay, Tuxedo is the best. hahahaahAHAH 8D

My eyes even got a little teary at the end when Pluto dies… T__T And I don’t even understand most of the dialogue. XD

I can’t really compare this musical with other Sailor Moon Musicals since I haven’t seen them, but I enjoyed it. (I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY INCLUDED THE PRINCE DEMAND/USAGI RAPE SCENE. It was much more graphic than the Anime version XD) The encore part was my favourite when they sang “We are the Pretty Guardians” and of course, “Moonlight Densetsu” :’D

Unfortunately, I started to feel really sick again midway through the performance~ and my throat was stinging the entire time ;_; GO AWAY SICKNESS I’M TRYING TO ENJOY THE SHOW XP


After the performance, a group of moonies gathered together for a photo :D (Photo by KillMeNeko) Sadly, I didn’t end up hanging out with them since I was feeling sick so left for home instead. It was still a very memorable day ^_^

Part 2: Azabu Juban Summer Night Festival & Sailor Moon Real Life Locations

21 Responses to “Part 1: I flew to Japan for the Sailor Moon Musical (and it was awesome!)”

  1. Great post! Can’t wait for part 2!

  2. nue says:

    Sorry you’re sick during this amazing time. It’s true that Mamoru henshin yelling ‘earth prism power’?

    • Chibi says:

      haha yes!! I think it was ‘Earth Star Power’ though, and it wasn’t for his henshin. It was more like combining his powers together with the other senshi as an attack :)

  3. Jacky says:

    Wow looks like a blast!

    that’s as sailormoon as it gets >D

  4. Sarah Snider says:

    I’m sorry you got sick.
    But I hope you guys had fun.

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  6. cammyii says:

    Nice blog entry!!! :D :D :D :D What a memorable trip!!

  7. Lisa Terlato says:

    Welcome back! Your trip looks like so much fun!! Glad to hear you had a good time!! :D

  8. @TiemyMila says:

    Awwwwww our photo in the end was most EPIC!!!
    I wish I could talk a little more with you but we didn’t have time to ;—-; And sorry you got sick :( I know is VERY HOT in Japan, but this week is more cold(strange) anyways, loved the post, I’ll never forget that day too???

  9. Mila Tiemy says:

    Aaaahhh *—-* ? will be in my memory forever..I loved to meet you all, even I’m VERY SHY!x3

  10. wow thats dedication!

  11. Jess-chan says:

    Ooo! Sorry you felt sick during the show but I’m also glad you enjoyed the musical! I’d love to see one one day ^^

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