Sailor Moon Musical~ Le Mouvement Final

23rd December 2017 at 6:34 pm

Dear Chibi,

Another year, another Sailor Moon musical :D This year’s seramyu is based on the 5th and final season: Sailor Stars. I’ve really enjoyed watching these the last couple of years, so it’s a bit sad that it’s ending. Nevertheless, it had a really good run and we made lots of fun memories :)

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I invited Kaz and Kat over to watch the show together. It’s sort of become our little tradition. But first~ home made lunch :)

Le Mouvement Final end up being my favourite of the 5 musicals (though Un Nouveau Voyage is a very close second!) It had a pretty big cast which made it feel pretty epic seeing so many senshi fighting/dancing/singing together. Chibichibi was also just the most adorable thing ever XD


All the girls from the previous musical reprised their roles other than Sailor Saturn. I really liked Karin, though Mirai did a good job filling in her shoes. The Three Lights, Sailor Cosmos, Chibichibi and Galaxia were very well casted. They looked and acted the part perfectly. Princess Kakyuu was….not really my cup of tea ^_^” I don’t know how that happened.

Having Satomi come back as Sailor Cosmos was genius (She was Sailor Moon for the 2nd and 3rd musicals).

This musical had a really nice blend of drama, action and humor. I LOVED the Setsuna “old lady” scene XD Oh my goodness, I feel like they stole my MoonSticks version Pluto and popped her into the show 8D

2 Responses to “Sailor Moon Musical~ Le Mouvement Final”

  1. kaz says:

    Such a fun afternoon! Kinda sad that this is the final musical! Really enjoyed this as a mini tradition of ours. Thanks for hosting and lunch again, it was really tasty! I will need to ask you for the receipe…hehe

    The final musical was SOOOOOOOO GOOOOD! Didn’t think it could get better than the Super Season but absolutely loved this! Totally agree with you, Kakyuu was a let down. I think she didn’t suited having an “opera voice”. I also much enjoyed Seiya x Usagi and Haruka x Michiru. Pluto is a classic and loved that Saturn got some good screentime.

    Chibi Chibi was super adorable too!

    Loved how in character Galaxia’s character was during the interviews lols.

    • Chibi says:

      Glad you enjoyed :D! Guess we’ll have to find something else to watch end of next year ^_^”
      The musical was great, and each of the characters still got a decent amount of stage time! Galaxia was a funny one, she almost seemed like a real-life villain with the things she was saying lol. She didn’t even want to wave at the audience it seemed XD