Sailor Moon Musical~ Un Nouveau Voyage screening!

25th December 2015 at 3:01 pm

Dear Chibi,


Last year, Kaz and I were lucky enough to see the Sailor Moon Musical ‘Petit Etrangere live at AiiA Theatre in Tokyo! It was a very magical experience :D This year there was a third musical production based on ‘Sailor Moon S/Infinity Arc’, titled ‘Un Nouveau Voyage’! This is one of our favourite Sailor Moon seasons because it marks the debut of Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Saturn~ AHHH!! :D <333 Now I wish we had gone to see this one live too!!

On Christmas Eve, I invited Kaz and Kat over to watch the performance together ^^ It was so AWESOME.


Having some lunch before the show.



Kaz in her Saturn t-shirt and Kat with her Neptune curls ^^


Rocking the Time Key and Moon Stick ;D



Epic poster. (And before anyone asks, there’s two Sailor Chibimoon on the cover since there’s two different actresses ;D)






URANUS AND NEPTUNE <333333333 We were fangirling so hard, lol.


Holy moly that chemistry! <3 Both Shuu Shiotsuki and Sayaka Fujioka did an amazing job. They looked, sung and acted the part. HOW ARE THEY SO PERFECT??!



Witches 5. Oh what a funny bunch, especially Mimete~ she’s as silly and bubbly as in the anime ;D I loved all the costumes.


Oh gosh, Professor Tomoe was creepy.


Karin Takahashi as Hotaru/Sailor Saturn/Mistress9. I loved her performance the most. She put so much emotion into her character I really felt her pain and loneliness :'( Mistress9 looked really cool too… though her demise was a little anti-climatic XD





This is also the final performance by Moon and the inner senshi :'( I guess we’ll be seeing new faces in the next Sera Myu. Farewell girls and all the best of luck!

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance :D I also think it was better than the previous ‘Sailor Moon R’ musical Petit Etrangere. It was more intense and faster paced (though I’m probably just biased because of how cool the outer senshi were ;D)

AH. Can’t wait to see the remaining musicals in the future ^^

The DVD is available for preorder here. In the meantime, you can also enjoy a fansubbed version here.

5 Responses to “Sailor Moon Musical~ Un Nouveau Voyage screening!”

  1. Kaz says:

    The musical was so cool!!!! Love Uranus Neptune and especially Saturn!! LOVE!!

    Thanks for organising and having us over chibi! We had a lot of fun!! And the shepherds pie was delicious!!

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