Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan

30th April 2012 at 1:10 pm

Dear Chibi,

I wasn’t expecting to find much (if anything) related to Sailor Moon while in Japan, but I kept my eye out for them anyway :) As some of you may know, I don’t have much of a Sailor Moon collection.  I wrote a little bit about it here when I bought my first Eternal Sailor Moon gashaphon. Other goodies I own include the manga (Chinese), some VCDs, stickers/cards, gifts from HK and Sailor Moon cels.

Anyway, this entry isn’t about sharing my mini collection, but rather, the stuff I did manage to find in Japan and the stuff I bought :D All of these items are official and not bootlegged :)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Bandai doll

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live Action) Sailor Moon doll
(Bandai 2003) Second hand, box unopened.

I love this one so much :3  I’ve always wanted to own a Sailor Moon doll, and I’m glad this is the first “doll” I’ve ever had in my life XD (I never had any dolls as a child) I found this gem at a little old store in Mitaka on my way back to the station after checking out Ghibli Studio Museum.

PGSM Live Action gashapon set

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon gashapon set (new) @ Golden Age in Akihabara

Golden Age sells some really really old stuff. The store is full of dust but that only excited me more XD I spent a good amount of time here going through boxes and shelves and finally came across these. These were new. yaaay. The store owner was really nice, and when I picked these up he informed me these were from the Live Action incase I was looking for anime versions. Of course, I knew that already but I appreciate how he informed me and not just try to sell his stuff. It was also in this store where I found a Luna P ball! More about that down below XD

Sailor Moon Gashapons

Eternal Sailor Moon, Figure Maniacs Sailor Moon and Usagi (Sailor Moon World (Series 5) gashapon)

I was really happy to find the Figure Maniacs Sailor Moon. I love it so much and have always wanted her >w< The style is very different to the others and the detail is pretty amazing. I found her and Usagi with the ice-cream from the same store in Akihabara. I also found a Super Sailor Moon gashapon at another store but decided to pass since the store owner was nowhere to be seen >.>;; Usagi with the icecream and Eternal Sailor Moon actually come from the same series set :D

Stuff I saw (and managed to get a picture of) that I didn’t buy:


Luna P Ball @ Golden Age, Akihabara

I was pleasantly surprised when I found this Luna P ball hidden at the bottom of a cabinet. There wasn’t a price tag on it so I took it out and asked the old store owner. He let out a laugh and stuck the price tag of 25000 yen on it. “Used!” he said, while shaking his head in disbelief. Wait a minute.. did the store owner just laugh at his own ridiculous price of the toy and expected me not to buy it..? what? XDDD I thought that was pretty amusing. And of course, it was a bit too pricey for me so I let it pass… It’s roughly 312 USD.

Sailormoon wands

Sailormoon wands

Sailor Moon toys/wands/broaches @ Mandarake store, Nagoya

There were quite a few items found at the Mandarake stores in Nagoya, Shibuya and Nakano (Yes, we went to all three!) The wands above were from Nagoya, and although I totally ADORE wands, especially the Moon Stick, I had to let them pass. They were probably at market price, but I can’t see myself spending that amount on a second hand plastic toy. They were all a beauty to look at anyway :)

And now to go off and finish my main “Japan Trip” blog! :D

15 Responses to “Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan”

  1. Brad says:

    wow! surprised you found so much! awesome!

  2. feedthe1337 says:

    “The store is full of dust but that only excited me more XD”

    THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chibi says:

      I kept thinking “OMG, Marcus would love these kind of places!!” XD

      • Jacky says:

        Lol I was thinking the same =P.

        Yes that store was amazing! I wanted to buy the 2nd GaoGaiGar but the guy told me it was junk and don’t buy it!!

        • Chibi says:

          I know.. how often does a store owner tell their customer not to buy their products? XD lawl

        • feedthe1337 says:

          “I wanted to buy the 2nd GaoGaiGar but the guy told me it was junk and don’t buy it!!”

          Well, I have no idea what GaoGaiGar is but… wait actually I think I know!

          Anyway, I had the same experience, except it was in Hong Kong. Talk about Hong Kong, man XD!

          I’ve also been to Mandarake. The only things I bought were a couple of 100 yen drama CDs. That place looks amazing, but a lot of the stuff there are expensive. It’s often cheaper to buy them online. Also, a lot of the stuff I wanted were unavailable even in Mandarake. The path of the old school 8).

  3. Chibi says:

    Yeah, mandarake stuff are pretty expensive~ I saw a few Sailor Moon doujinshi and they were soooo pricey.. moreso than doujins from other series. It’s like they just push up all prices on Sailor Moon stuff XD Still, it was nice looking at them :D

  4. CyCyN says:

    OOoo!!! So many moonie shinnies!! I agree, stuff is hard to find but really rewarding when you find them! I’m so glad you at least got a few SMs for your desk, they will light up your mood when you’re feeling down ^^!

  5. SERENITY says:


    How do you sell the “Sailor-moon wand with silver crystal”? It’s completely new and more, I want it absolutely…I offer you in 250 or 300 euros. Tell me your price if you agree to sell me, of course! I can pay with paypal! See you soon. Best regards,


    • Chibi says:

      If you actually read my blog entry you’ll find out the answer :D (hint, you can’t sell something you don’t have ;D)

  6. SERENITY says:

    Hi. Thanks for your answer! And if you come in JAPAN shortly, are you able to buy this MOON WAND for me and you can maybe to sale at me on EBAY (for exemple) because I can’t go in JAPAN (It’s so expensive for me!). Of course, if you don’t able, I understand totally!…Me, I live in FRANCE and I am totally crazy of SAILOR-MOON and of Magical Girls (Creamy…etc…)
    Thanks to you. SERENITY.

  7. Sailor Moon says:

    euhm they know it are the prices for sailor moon because it is rare thats why they laugh…only collecters would spend that much!
    actually funny because the luna p ball is used so it is cheaper lol.