US Trip Part 9 (Final): New York

2nd January 2018 at 3:48 pm

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Dear Chibi,

Our final destination New York is here! It’s really cold and it’s only November :’D I can’t imagine how it would feel when it snows! This is basically Sydney winter :O

Most of the streets are numbered, yet I still felt very lost in this massive city. How can a city be this big?? XDD

One of the many self-serve grab what you want food places.

Times Square

New York looks just like in the movies XD! Times Square reminds me of the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. So colourful and lively with huge billboards and tall buildings. So many ads for the musicals. Ah, so cool.

It also reminds me of Hong Kong, super packed and busy minus the pollution ^_^” One thing that does scream “New York” though has got to be those smokey things that come out of the ground :O It gives the city such an interesting and distinctive vibe.

A whole store for M&Ms :O We bought some to try out all the different flavors :)

Byrant Park

An outdoor ice rink along with a bunch of indie stalls

An official NBA Store. We spent ages in here, it was like a museum :D! So many different items were stocked and really cool decor.

My preference ;)

New York pizza. These slices are HUGE! Initially Hubby intended to get one full pizza… Nope, that was totally not gonna happen lol. Very tasty though.

This is the eerie looking smoke that I was talking about earlier o_o Turns out it’s just New York’s steam system and not some poisonous gas XD aAHAHA.

Empire State Building

Time to see the city from the top!

Ok, it’s freezing out here :’D

Central Park looking very brown there. It’s…so…BIG??


Can you see the tiny Statue of Liberty?


High Line

A long elevated park, greenway and railway on the west side of Manhattan. This area had a really interesting architecture and urban vibe to it.

I remember my legs wanting to break off at this point. We did a ton of walking!

We end up checking out the Chelsea Market and had lunch at ‘Very Fresh Noodles’.

Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

We took a ferry to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty up close. It was actually a lot smaller than I had envisioned :O Maybe my expectations are just unrealistic ^^”

Ellis Island can be seen in the background. Our tickets included a visit there as well.

How very iconic.

After the Statue of Liberty, we had a stop at Ellis Island. Like the Alcatraz Island, we followed an audio tour for this- except this was a lot less interesting. I guess a prison has more exciting stories than a immigration inspection station.

Charging Bull

And Fearless Girl

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

One of the places Hubby really wanted to visit was the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Unfortunately it didn’t quite fit in our itinerary, so as a somewhat substitute, we checked out the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York. I think Hubby was satisfied ;)

That face lol

Shake Shack round 2! It was here that a chick asked Hubby if she could touch his spiky hair. Hubby was like “Sure”.


hahahaha just kidding :’D

Actually, not kidding XP

Central Park

Yup, this is by far the biggest park I’ve ever been to. Size and scale is like a common theme around here isn’t it? 8D

Again.. It feels like I stepped right into a movie..

It’s such a beautiful park though, so clean and relaxing :) We walked for quite a while here… and by the time we stopped I don’t think we even reached half way through yet. Crazy!

It was our final night in New York. It also happened to be the night of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting. I’m sure it would’ve been spectacular to see, but we just wanted to avoid the crowd and have a relaxing one :)

Good bye Times Square and your colourful billboards :)

The next morning we checked-out of our hotel and went for a stroll around Union Square. There was another market here and many food stalls. We tried out this Persian noodle soup. It was..different :D

Alright, one last bit of fattiness before we head home!

The flight back to Sydney was about 22 hours. But somehow, it didn’t feel as bad as that sounds. Maybe I’ve grown used to it from flying so many times this trip. I end up watching TV and movies almost the whole way except around 4 hours of sleep. When I finally got home, I didn’t feel tired or jet-lagged at all. Gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with myself 8D

If you managed to follow all of my entries and read every word~ congrats, you get a medal 8D It was a pretty big trip for us and definitely the highlight of 2017. It was fun looking back on the adventures and sharing this with you (and my future self).

So I guess…. goodbye 2017, and Happy New Year :)!



5 Responses to “US Trip Part 9 (Final): New York”

  1. Mark says:

    …..the pizza is for giants I think it’d be fun to live/work near Central Park and spend a couple days exploring it….. since it’s so big

    • Chibi says:

      haha giants indeed. Everything seems supersized over there :O

      Central Park was really nice and spacious (Not too many pogo stops tho!)

  2. Jess-chan says:

    Glad you had a great time here in NYC! Hope you checked out the Kinokuniya’s across the street from Bryant Park! And btw, it’s extremely cold now so you chose a good time to go lol