US Trip Part 3: NBA Warriors Game

10th December 2017 at 1:11 pm

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Part 2: Exploring San Francisco

The Warriors game end up being my favourite part of the trip, so I’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog entry about my experience. Hopefully it will still be interesting to non-Basketball enthusiasts :)

Dear Chibi,

Geared up and ready to go!!! Looks like Hubby has converted ;) ohohohho~

Golden State Warriors vs Orlando Magic

We watched the Warriors vs Magic 13th November, 7.30pm game at Oracle Arena. We didn’t base our USA trip around the NBA schedule, since it wasn’t released when we were planning our trip. I was thrilled there was actually a home game while we were in San Francisco! I would’ve been devastated to miss out on seeing them play live. We bought tickets about 2 months ago, and I’ve been looking forward to it since. It also happened to be ‘Steph Curry Championship Bobblehead Night’, so the first 10,000 fans in attendance got one! Ahhhh I NEEDED IT!

We arrived around 5.30pm. Doors were opening at 6.

Long lines but the wait wasn’t too bad. I think I was too busy being excited :P

Mission accomplished! Yay! These were actually quite heavy.

More Warriors gear and merchandise. There were multiple stores inside the arena.

Life size Draymond Green from ‘NBA LIVE 18’

Durant & Thompson (Durant looks a bit strange here….hahaha)

Anddd.. my favourite :) Curry is kinda small, aye?

Height chart!

If you squint your eyes really hard, you can see the height for other players. From left to right: Chris Paul 6’0″ (1.83 m), Lebron James 6’8″ (2.03m), Steph Curry 6’3″ (1.91m), Manute Bol 7’7″ (2.31 m), Kobe Bryant 6’6″ (1.98m), Andris Biedrins 6’11” (2.13m)

The man on the right is the tallest player to ever play in the NBA. I can see why…… :P

Hello Oracle Arena :D

View from Section 216, row 4, seats 1 & 2. Right in the center! :) Still cost us a decent amount of money, but worth it.


Shoot-around~ Players are warming up. There’s Shaun Livingston

The crowds are in. Time for singing of the National Anthem

Woooah that atmosphere! After seeing it so many times on TV, it feels so unreal actually being there :’D So happy.

And the game begins. LETS GO WARRIORS!

Watching the game live feels so different from seeing it on TV. Obviously there’s no commentating, so its a lot more quiet than it appears. Time also went by so quickly! The games feel so much longer when I’m watching it on TV, or following the play-by-play on ESPN.

Time flew and I wish it would slow down ;D I was enjoying myself too much.

Time out! Warriors Dance Team in action

During half-time, we stepped out for a bathroom break and walked around a little before having to hurry back in. No time to buy snacks XD

Klay Thompson doing his thing~ bounce. bounce.

We were hoping for a some-what close game, but Warriors were just too good ^_^” That domination.

It was just so much fun being there in the crowd & cheering on our team :D

The only disappointment of the night was not being able to see Steph Curry play. Awww! He suffered a thigh contusion the game before and didn’t turn up that night. I guess it could’ve been worse. At least it was still a win and we did manage to get ourselves the Curry Bobblehead :3

Time to catch a train back and get some late dinner.

Carl’s Jr- pretty standard fast food stuff. It tasted similar to Maccas.

Ah… what a night!!

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4 Responses to “US Trip Part 3: NBA Warriors Game”

  1. Mark says:

    nice to see a non-tall basketball player be successful

  2. kaz says:

    haha sounds like you had a great time! YI know you were looking forward to the seeing this game the most out of your US trip! Glad it didn’t disappoint! :)