US Trip Part 6: The Grand Canyon

20th December 2017 at 8:19 pm

I think we’re over half way now :D I should be able to get these all up by the New Year, unless I’m super busy ^_^”

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Dear Chibi,

Time for our 5 hour drive to the Grand Canyon (South Rim). We were aiming to get there around 2pm, but we didn’t realise there was an hour difference between Nevada and Arizona. Uh oh, we lost an hour of daylight! I swear the sun sets too early around here ;p

Leaving Las Vegas

I think we just passed a pyramid ;)

Epic bridge

A short stop at Hoover Dam. DAMN. (See what I did there? 8D)

What an amazing site, everything felt so big, and still..and calm…woah.


We were so impressed by what we were seeing, we hoped the Grand Canyon would blow our minds even more.

We were a bit behind schedule, but we still needed to eat so we drove back a bit to the A&W we passed earlier for brunch.

Yup, more burgers.

I dunno why everyone in the back is staring.. ^_^”

Wow..Is that a tank I see? Only in America :P

I snoozed most of the ride, but every time I woke up I kept wondering why we still hadn’t seen any traces of the “canyon” XD Surely if it was “Grand” we’d see something from a distance??

…And then all of a sudden..BAM!! WE ARE HERE!!!!

Holy moly, this is by far the most breathtaking view I’ve ever seen. Wow. Amazing. The sheer scale is mind-blowing. YES IT WAS WORTH THE LONG DRIVE AND YES WE WERE IMPRESSED :)

Wah…. *_*

It was also really cold and windy. I felt like I was gonna be blown away literally XDDD Luckily we were both pretty prepared as you can see us in our winter gear ;D

We were pretttttty high up. There’s also very minimal barricade except around some lookouts, so it’s actually quite dangerous if you’re not careful. As expected, there were daredevils out there, standing on the edge of cliffs just to get that perfect photo opp:

*heavy breathing* I felt nervous just watching them :P THIS ISN’T WORTH IT KIDS, DON’T TRY IT AT HOME.

This looks like a painting. Or a Photoshop job. The lighting and everything looks so unreal as if the back and the foreground aren’t in the same scene.

Hubby joining in on the dangerous things :’D

I was too scared to stand near the edges :P


*heavy breathing*





This is as far as I’d go for a photo. I’m not lifting my arms up XP

*heavy breathing*


Starting to get dark


2 hours went by really quickly. We didn’t get to finish the trail we wanted to.

But isn’t this sunset just gorgeous?

So beautiful…. just when I thought the Grand Canyon couldn’t look any better….

That was really fun :)

After dark, we also saw lots of wild deer.

Getting out of the National Park was challenging as there was very little light, no signal, no GPS and no road signs. We almost ran over a deer as well! Still, the experience wasn’t as crazy as that time in Tasmania…. (when a billion kangaroos hopped onto the road)

We drove for an hour to our accommodation at Williams. We dined at a nifty little 1960s styled American restaurant ‘Goldies Route 66 Diner‘ which served fried chicken and milkshakes.

I loved how themed everything was

And that’s good bye to Arizona! Early next morning we headed to Phoenix Airport for our flight to Orlando. East Coast, here we come!!

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4 Responses to “US Trip Part 6: The Grand Canyon”

  1. Mark says:

    now that’s grand…. and scary

  2. kaz says:

    WOWWWWWWW the photos look amaaaaaaaaazzzzzing! :0 One day I would have to get see and experience it myself!! Love all the pics!

    and LOL at Jacky’s falling off pics..hilarious XD

    • Chibi says:

      Yup, definitely a must-see once in your life time kind of place ^^ At least it’s not going anywhere or deteriorating like the Great Barrier reef o.o