Gold Coast Trip Part 3: Wet’n’Wild & Paradise Farm

12th December 2016 at 9:38 pm

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Dear Chibi,


The highlight of the trip was here. This is the first time I’ve ever been to Wet’n’Wild or to any water park really. I’ve never been a huge fan of being under the sun all day and my fear of heights didn’t help either. But ever since 2009 when I overcame my fear of roller coasters, I knew it was a matter of time I’d take on this challenge. Huge water slides look daunting to me, but my mindset has completely changed.

When Hubby and I arrived at Wet’n’Wild, I thought to myself “Wow, that’s really high!” and not “I’m not going on that”. With Hubby by my side, I honestly feel like I can do anything. He makes me a better person, and I’m more brave and confident because of him :)

All these photos were taken at the end of the day when it was closing, which explains why it looks gloomy and empty XD We didn’t want to waste any time and went straight for the queues. We even skipped lunch!

Firstly, we floated around in these soft tubes as a warm up for the big rides. This was pretty relaxing, though it’s very shallow so you have to be careful not to scrape yourself.

It was another hot summer day, and the ground was burning!! We went in between rides on bare foot, so we totally felt the pain :’D Although we came on a Monday, it was still heaps busy with many school kids on excursions. The waits were around 30-45 minutes each so it wasn’t too bad…

Our first big ride was the massive “Tornado” and it end up being the best one too! :D This one was so much fun, and we got to go on this twice. I love all the rides where we get to slide down together, because we can share the thrill & excitement.  All these rides require you to carry this big heavy “boat” up a flight of stairs. Thankfully Hubby did all the work, because I’m exhausted just climbing the stairs :P

Next up was the “Kamikaze” on the Extreme H20 Zone. There is this near vertical 11m drop at the start and I absolutely screamed my lungs out :’D Hubby’s response was “Serious?” Well, he wasn’t the one who had to slide down backwards! We rode on this twice and both times I screamed just as loud. So much fun, but over quickly.

Our longest wait was for the “Black Hole” ride. It’s an enclosed spiral of darkness, with warm water and warm air. You can see stars while you’re sliding down so it was pretty nice and not that scary. I was expecting to cool down in the ride after waiting so long, but it was hot ^^”

“Mach 5”- what a beast :O The three jetstream body slides look terrifying! They’re so fast and steep. I feel so proud having conquered this :D

“Slidewinders” are the two rides you can see on either side of the slides. These were heaps of fun and not scary at all. We took advantage of the short queues towards the end of the day, so we went on this over and over. The only bad part is having to climb up all those stairs every time ;p

I felt so nervous going on “Aqua Loops”.  You enter the ride via a capsule and just stand there waiting for the drop. IT IS SO STEEP!! My heart was racing like there’s no tomorrow XD.

We were warned that in some cases, we might not make it through the whole ride. I was one of the unlucky few :’D As I was approaching the loop, I started sliding backwards instead of forward. I had to climb out and exit the ride half way through. That’s okay though, because the scariest part was at the beginning!

We were pretty tired and hungry by the end of it, but I’m glad we made use of the whole time we were there. We thought about spending another day here, but we were already satisfied :)

Paradise Farm

On our final (half) day, we decided to check out “Paradise Farm”, since it was included in the unlimited pass we bought. We didn’t expect much and even wondered whether we should skip it altogether and go back to Movie World XD We eventually went and decided if it was boring we’ll just pop back into Movie World next door.

Paradise Farm turns out to be your typical Wildlife Park, except there’s also Farm animals. It was also filled with Chinese Tour groups (I guess that’s their main market!)

Mr goat face :’D

AHAHahaha. This looks so convincing :’D (It’s just a cardboard print-out)

There were some feedings and talks, but overall there wasn’t much to see or do. We end up leaving the Farm in about an hour. So BACK TO MOVIE WORLD WE GO! This time.. the park was super busy!! There were insane lines for all the rides (over an hour for each one). We end up watching Looney Tunes in 4D again, and discovered ‘Junior Driving School’. I’m so glad we came back for this one since we didn’t see it the first time :’D

And that mostly wraps up the trip :) It’s been a great week but I’m also glad to be home. I MISS MY CAT :’D

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  1. The water park sounds fun! I never really did those much. I can be wussy with rides and such haha. And look at the lovely animals! Sounds like a fun time!