Gold Coast Trip Part 1: Movie World & Cat Cafe

10th December 2016 at 12:52 pm

Dear Chibi,
During the first week of December, Hubby and I were up at the Gold Coast to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. I’ve been to the Gold Coast with Hubby and his family back in 2009, and I know we’ve grown so much since then. It’s an amazing feeling being able to look back and know how far we’ve come… I am one lucky woman :3

We got up at 3am that day to catch our morning flight, and with the timezone difference, it made our arrival pretty early too (back an hour). Upon our arrival, we found this pretty neat cafe called “Lot 1” and ordered breakfast :)

The food and chai latte were delicious. I still prefer Hubby’s onsen egg though (my favourite thing ever :3)

Check-in time!

Our accommodation for the next 5 days

Obligatory reaction photos ;D

We stayed at Watermark Hotel close to Surfers Paradise Beach. There were plenty of restaurants and pokestops nearby!

Feeling a bit tired on the first day, we decided to take it easy and just explore town :D

So surprised to find a Mos Burger in Australia :O It was so good we had it twice during our trip :) Chibi approves.

Crazy Cat Cafe

So we left Champy at home to see other cats ;D Cats! Cats everywhere! It was an interesting experience being around so many different types in one place. It was obvious their personalities varied drastically, and what worked on one cat did not work on the others~ they all had their preferences for toys and interaction. Have to say though, none of these kitties could compare to Champy’s cuteness ;D If there was one thing we missed during this trip, it was our little cat back at home :3

He looks like Beeruz. XD

So many sleeping spots across the wall

This one reminds me of Tifa (not as cute though!)

Cute munchkin with tiny legs X3 I think this ones probably our favourite.

O! Artemis ;D

Good bye little furballs :’D

After a hot sunny day, it would usually thunderstorm later in the night…

We witnessed some pretty epic lightning bolts, but couldn’t capture them on camera.

After a good nights sleep, we were ready for a day at Movie World! But first up, brekky at Surf City coffee shop.

It’s been a long time since I’ve doodled Yui ^_^ I remember back in uni Hubby would always draw Shinchan (or a pile of poop..) :P

teeheee~ happy Shinchan

Warner Bro’s Movie World

And we’re in!! We came on a Friday hoping to avoid the weekend crowd and I’d say we were pretty lucky. Despite the fact kids were here on schoolies, we still managed to go on some rides multiple times :D The lines weren’t too bad, usually around 15-20 minutes wait for most. Getting our entry pass into Movie World took a while, but thankfully it’s one-off so no more wait time for the remaining parks.

These pictures make the place feel so empty. I think we were just early!

Hello there Cat Woman.

Re-fillable soft drink bottle, very handy.

We rode the Superman Escape roller coaster three times- twice with the front seat and once at the back. It’s still my absolute favourite ride ever- I feel like I would never get bored of it.

We were disappointed that a few rides were closed for maintenance, especially the indoor Scooby Doo ride…. I was looking forward to that.

Ones that were opened included Arkham Asylum (a newer, upgraded version of Lethal Weapons), Wild West Falls and Green Lantern Coaster. We did them all. Arkham Asylum was the scariest because our legs were dangling and it loops around several times, but it also goes so fast that you have no idea what’s even going on XD

We also tried some of the kids ride like Justice League and Junior Driving School. Justice League was pretty underwhelming. Junior Driving School however was sooooo cute XD You get to drive these miniature cars around a ‘mini’ Movie World X3 (Yes, these are intended for very small children lol) Hubby says it’s the “best ride ever” ahahah.  Too bad we didn’t have our camera!

Looney Tunes in 4D starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote! I’m glad it’s no longer Shrek since we’ve seen it twice already (Once last time, and another at Universal Studios Japan) Looney Tunes 4D was pretty entertaining, enough for us to come back a few days later to see again. As usual, I always feel bad for the villains. Poor poor little Wile…he dies like a million times XP He always have these great ideas but crappy executions ^^”

Just Scooby and Shaggy taking a stroll

For lunch we had more burgers and fries. The fries in particular were surprisingly tasty.

After lunch, we sat down for ‘Hollywood Stunt Driver 2’. It was right in the middle of the day, and all the shady spots were taken >.< It was very very unpleasant! Not only were we right under the burning sun, but all the glare from the silver chairs in front of us hurt our eyes and it was hard to see (our sunnies were in the lockers..)

The show was okay. I still think the old performance was better.

Oh it’s the Flash. Now I know who he is.. XD

After the parade, we went straight back to the rides! All in all, a fun-filled day because SUPERMAN RIDE IS THE BEST. Still wish more rides were opened though…

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  1. Malavika says:

    Looks like an awesome trip! Your obligatory reaction photo to the view from your hotel is the best! Don’t forget to post the Makalavi (not sure of spelling) photo in the second part ;)