Gold Coast Trip Part 2: Surfers Paradise & Sea World

11th December 2016 at 2:59 pm

Gold Coast Trip Part 1: Movie World & Cat Cafe

Dear Chibi,

Surfers Paradise

We went to Surfers Paradise Beach several times during our trip since it’s so close. What a beautiful endless beach!!

I don’t usually play much in the water, but this time I followed Hubby way out into the massive waves and it was pretty fun (and a bit scary!) I don’t think I’ve ever been so far out in the water before :O Which reminds me, I still need to learn to tread water ^^”

Mud balls! :D Hubby usually makes these for me, and I never really gave them much thought until I watched ‘Your Lie in April’. Now I get this warm fuzzy feeling because he reminds me of Tsubaki. Ah, too cute!

It was day 4 of the trip and time for Sea World!

Sea World

I tried to remember what we did here last time, and all I remembered was the Sea Lion show and Jet Rescue ride. I guess those were the highlights XD Still, it gives me a little warm fuzzy feeling knowing Hubby and I came here while still dating. We were so young :3

First up was the “Fish Detectives” Sea Lions show. It was exactly the same show we saw last time and I still remember it.

The big sea lion does all sorts of cute and funny things :3 Enjoyable show for the whole family.

Afterwards, we decided to go on a ride.

Unfortunately, Sea World also had several rides closed for maintenance, including the Jet Rescue ride, nOooooo. There was literally one ride opened which is the “Storm Coaster” pictured above. And so, the line for this was pretty epic as you could imagine. It was a new ride we hadn’t been on though, so we waited with anticipation. It end up being okay..the roller coaster was a bit slow and not scary enough XD There’s a big splash when the roller coaster goes under ground but its pretty dark so you can’t see much. We would probably go on it again if the queue weren’t so long ^^”

It’s a polar bear!! It feels a bit strange seeing one here in Queensland where it’s hot all the time. At least this guy was enjoying himself :’D He was doing all sorts of fun things like belly-flopping and back floating with his toy XD

Star fishes! This is like a scene straight out of ‘Finding Dory’ :D

And this too!

Lunching at the Dockside.

I was actually impressed by the food again :O The fries were especially tasty!!

Dolphins are so elegant….

“Creatures of the Deep”. Hi Walrus Hubby :D

Looks like I have an extra finger…

Oh man this photo cracks me up XDD It’s great :’D

Waiting to watch Sponge Bob in 3D :’D

It was around 2pm, but we were done for the day. We caught the monorail back to the entrance.

Good bye Sea World!

Oh, special mention for Mal. I came across this sign while I was in Surfers Paradise. If you jumble the letters, it spells “Malavika”. Too funny 8D

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