Linda Chung and Moses Chan visit Sydney!

13th September 2009 at 6:16 pm

Dear Chibi,

I’m absolutely over the mooooonnnn ^_______^!! Today Kaz, Jacky and I went to China Town for TVB’s Linda Chung and Moses Chan’s autograph session! To be eligible for an autograph, we needed to spend $30+ at a store in Sussex Centre to go into a draw. Kaz entered and was lucky enough to win a ticket!! :D She was also allowed to bring two friends along and invited me and Jacky, yay.

We arrived at 12pm to redeem our tickets and went to have some drinks to cool ourselves down :) We went back there at 1.20pm to start queuing up and we were 2nd in line! How awesome is that? They made their appearance at 2pm and at that very moment, the queue kind of went crazy and people just pushed in and jumped all over the place ^^;; IT WAS SOOO EXCITING!! I was surprised how happy I was actually- I didn’t think I would be THIS excited to see them, but I went crazy too. lol There was sooo much competition for a good shot of them, but alas.. I think I dominated!!! :D :D :D

Linda and Moses at Sydney

I mean seriously… can anyone get a better view of them than this???? No randoms in the way!!! YAAAAAYYY!!! XD I didn’t even zoom-in for this picture- I was that close to them! So

Linda and Moses Wave

aww..they waved at us ^.^

Linda Moses Promote TVB

Linda and Moses recording a footage promoting TVB XD Yes, their recording camera was RIGHT next to me!! ahahaha…which is why my view was so good ^^

After some talking, the autograph session commenced. Luckily due to our hastiness, we end up being about 3-4th in line which wasn’t too bad after everyone pushed in line.

Kaz with Linda

Kaz with Linda and Moses in the background ^^

Linda and Moses

Linda Chung signing

Signing an autograph to Chibi ^————^! I told her my favourite character was her role as “Ho Choi Mui” :} She was so happy ^^

Linda and Moses Signature

Personalised autographs for Chibi ^-^

Linda is really really pretty! I think more-so than onscreen XD I wonder how that makes sense ..hmm… and Moses was very very charming ^_^ Love his smile!
Woot! Two autograph sessions this weekend :D So happy ^______^

25 Responses to “Linda Chung and Moses Chan visit Sydney!”

  1. Somps says:

    Looks like you had an eventful weekend meeting famous people hehe.

  2. Jacky says:

    Ahh it was very exciting indeed, thanks to you and kaz for inviting me =). And yeap, Linda is super pretty!

  3. yukonami says:

    haha i remember you, you were standing right in front of me ^_^
    so lucky that noone blocked you when they first walked in. haha

    • Chibi says:

      oh, really? XD Sorry, hope I didn’t block your view!
      When they first came in, actually quite a few were blocking me (especially the security guards) but good thing after a little bit it all my favour :D

      • yukonami says:

        haha nah you didn’t block my view, it was da security dude.
        hhaha i rmber you saying today dat noone blocked you view, so lucky.
        i was actually da chick standing behind ur frd.

  4. Floz says:

    Hahaha…you were there. Some of my friends were talking about it and asking if I’d go…and I was, like, ‘who are they?!’ XD

  5. yukonami says:

    haha our thread went too long, could reply haha
    but yeh it should be your bf hehe
    i sorta took a few pic of them when i got the autograph so it was pretty kool.

    i took alot more pic of them at carss park ^_^ keke

    • Jacky says:

      I think i remember you, you had pink framed glasses? sorry i think i was blocking your way!

    • Chibi says: were at carss as well, what a hardcore fan XD

      • yukonami says:

        well i am not their super fan… i can’t believe i waited from 9am to 12:30pm for tixs to their autograph session @ carss park.

        unfornately heaps of ppl missed out n they came like 15min after me ><"

        • Kaz says:

          So now you have two sets of autographs? ^^ Are they the same ones?

        • Chibi says:

          That’s a lot of effort though for not being the huge fan!
          How come you decided to get 2x autographs?

        • yukonami says:

          yeh they are the same haha, i should have got it personalized like you guys haha

          but yeh i only went to carss park coz my frds wanted to line up for it, so i thought i might as well go haha

          i guess i am wierd, i just like going to see random celebrities haha

  6. Marcus says:

    Zomg I know the guy’s face! But that’s about it XD…

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