Michael Tse, Susanna Kwan & Joe Ma Autograph Session

12th September 2010 at 9:55 pm

Dear Chibi,

Today was a really exciting & memorable day for me! TVB artists Joe Ma, Michael Tse (Laughing Gor) and Susanna Kwan came to Sydney for the Jade World Carnival, and today was the autograph session. Like the previous year, it was held at China Town Sussex Centre but in order to get an autograph we had to spend over $30 to go into a draw. Despite our efforts, Kaz end up drawing out 2 Moon Cake prizes instead, which left us slightly disappointed but the value of the cakes kind of made it okay XD

Nevertheless, we decided to turn up anyway since it was so much fun meeting Linda Chung and Moses Chan last year. The session started at 2pm, so after having some Japanese ramen, Jacky, Kaz and I joined in the crowd a little earlier to get a good view. We kept squealing when they arrived, it feels so amazing meeting celebrities in real life =D Laughing Gor was cool, Susanna Kwan was lovely and Joe Ma was so..charming XDDDD!

Laughing Gor, Susanna Kwan and Joe Ma

Laughing Gor, Susanna Kwan and Joe Ma

Susanna Kwan & Joe Ma at Sydney

Susanna Kwan & Joe Ma

At first, I was most excited about Susanna Kwan and Laughing Gor, but when the time came it was Joe Ma who kept us most entertained (he was sitting right in front of us; the other two slightly further away)

TVB Autograph Session Sydney

Kaz and I were probably the most enthusiastic, as we kept grabbing their attention by waving like little fangirls xD Kaz even randomly yelled out “TOPMAN!!!” and Joe immediately looked up and with a very amused ‘Who-called-me?’ face. LOL!! Everyone turned their heads and even the camera man walked right up to her.  Kaz got a bit embarrassed, ahah.  Topman was the nickname of Joe’s character from TVB drama “Born Rich”.  The series didn’t get very high ratings so I think he was really happy and amused that someone seemed to worship him, hehehe XDDD After some funny facial expressions, he looked at Kaz and I and gave a confused look. “Twins?” he asked. We both nodded back excitedly XD

The autograph session ran for about an hour, with the three of us staying and watching them. Lucky for Kaz, the security guard started handing out some autographs to the crowd and Kaz snatched one XDD!! I on the other hand kept walking up and down the barrier, wondering if it’s possible to sneak through to them. My persistence paid off when I end up getting to the front, just as the three were leaving and I asked Joe for a photo! ^^ He happily agreed and I got a random to take it for me since Jacky and Kaz were jumping around at the back of the crowd (kinda lost them..) Success ^^v

Michael Tse, Susanna Kwan, Joe Ma

Me getting Joe’s attention! ^^

Joe Ma at Sydney

I hope they had a wonderful trip to Sydney! ^^ Looking forward to watching them on TV again :D

12 Responses to “Michael Tse, Susanna Kwan & Joe Ma Autograph Session”

  1. Brad says:

    Awesome! Meeting celebs is always fun! Well done on the photo! :D

  2. feedthe1337 says:

    LAUGHING GOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \*O*/

    … Which one is laughing gor!?!?!?!?!


  3. Kaz says:

    Awesome photos chibs!!! And good work on your photo with Joe Ma~!! Im so jealous haha

  4. ANG says:

    wow, lucky you. get to have a close up photo with Joe Ma XD i also envy you too haha
    nice work with the photo haha~ totally missed out this year’s TVB festi :(
    but hopefully get to see you next year at the carnival :)

    • Chibi says:

      Thanks! Hope more exciting people come :) I probably won’t go to the carnivals anymore though. I went to one a few years back when Raymond Lam, Shirley Yeung and Yoyo came, but they stand way too far away, it’s not really worth waiting all day..