Best Daddy Ever

6th September 2020

Dear Chibi,

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing Hubby <3

Day at our local beach

30th August 2020

Dear Chibi,

With the weather warming up this weekend, we took P-chan to a mini beach along the river. Quiet and secluded; we found the perfect spot for little P-chan to enjoy a bit of sand play :)

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P-chan’s Adventure Park Fun

16th August 2020

Dear Chibi,

Look at this smile ^.^ <333

It was our first time at Fairfield Adventure Park, and it was the largest playground P-chan has been to so far. There were many different play areas including Tree Top, an obstacle course and plenty of sand pits. However, I was most impressed by this baby swing, which allowed us to sit and swing facing him at the same time. As you can see… P-chan had a blast (and so did I) :D

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Bubble of Happiness

4th August 2020

My pride and joy <3

Dear Chibi,

My sweet little P-chan, how much you’ve grown! 15 months in and you’re still as adorable as ever. It feels like I’m living in a dream sometimes. I hope these photos can freeze this moment in time, and remind us just how lucky we are to have you in our life <3

I want to live in this bubble of happiness forever.

Afternoon Tea @Helen’s

6th July 2020

Dear Chibi,

It’s been 5 long months since we gathered like this. It was so lovely to see everyone again and P-chan had a great time playing with his little friends :3

We originally planned to meet at Bicentennial Park, but due to the chilly weather, Helen offered to host our afternoon tea at her place instead. Thank you Helen & Fong for having us and being awesome hosts :)

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Playground with Grandparents

1st June 2020

Dear Chibi,

We enjoyed some time outdoors this weekend with P-chan’s Grandparents and Uncle coming for a visit. We’ve been going to a lot of playgrounds and parks since having P-chan (pre-COVID-19) and it’ll be even more fun as he grows older and can play with more equipment. For now, his favourite is the baby swing ^.^

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Girls Birthday Brunch @Ristretto & Co Cafe

31st May 2020

Dear Chibi,

I had my first dine-in experience since isolation 2-3 months ago, with the restrictions easing up and allowing restaurants/cafes 10 seated customers at a time (I’m pretty sure I counted more..but anyway… *ehem* ^^”). It’s funny how we used to take these simple things for granted. I arrived about 10 minutes early and was seated immediately. Things have pretty much returned to normal around here which is nice.

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Our Birthday Month

22nd May 2020

Dear Chibi,

This month Hubby and I both turned a year older. I’ve sort of stopped counting after turning 30. 31..32..33..all the same-same right? XD This year felt a little different… not just because of the pandemic and being in isolation, but we now have a little toddler reminding us just how fast time flies.

Hubby’s Birthday

We celebrated Hubby’s birthday with a lot of burritos…and a lot of pizza (at his request). There was so much burritos we had to do this over 2 days, BECAUSE WHO CAN EAT THAT MANY BURRITOS AND PIZZA IN ONE DAY? That’s okay, lucky Hubby gets to enjoy his birthday for longer 8D

My Birthday

Playing peek-a-boo with Mummy
A whole sushi & nigiri platter to ourselves :D
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Mother’s Day Picnic & Cupcakes

10th May 2020

Proud Mumma of this little one <3

Dear Chibi,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the deserving Mums out there :)

After successfully making P-chan’s smash cake recently (by my standards anyway XD), I was inspired to try my hands on some pink cupcakes for Mother’s Day. I’ve made muffins, brownies, red velvet cake and tiramisu cake… it’s time I got cupcakes added to the list :)

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Our baby turns 1~ P-chan’s ‘Time Flies’ Cake Smash

25th April 2020

Dear Chibi,

Happy Birthday to our most precious Little Babian <3 Our first year of parenthood has truly been the best experience of my life. I can’t believe it’s over already…my little baby is now a toddler. He makes us so incredibly happy and proud. Maybe I should save this for a Mother’s Day post, but damn I’m feeling so emotional and grateful for having him in our life T_T AH, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! *sniff*

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