Reaching level 37

23rd April 2017

Dear Chibi,

I’ve recently reached level 37 (while Hubby’s at 38!) Level 38 is the cap for powering-up, so anything beyond that is just for bragging rights.

Level 37 Pokemon Go

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All a matter of time

17th January 2017

Dear Chibi,

At long last I finally completed my Pokedex from Gen 1 that’s been released in my region :D (I know, this is way late!) For the longest time I was praying for a Lapras and waiting for a Charizard. Recently, they added a few more baby Pokemon from Gen 2, which can only be obtained by egg hatching. I’m missing Clefa, Electakid, Togepi and Togetic, though it’s all just a matter of time. I’ve also maxed out all my upgrades, which is pretty sweet :)

My big guys:

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Level 30

3rd October 2016

Dear Chibi,

It took me around 2 months to get here from level 23, but here we are 8D. This is a snapshot of what level 30 looks like:

Pokemon Go

2,000,185 exp total. Crazy :P

Pokemon Go

My walking buddy. Cute one, isn’t he?

Pokemon Go

My top CP Pokemon. Half of them are maxed out. 7 of them are defending gyms at the moment. Sadly, I still don’t have a Dragonite or a Lapras *gasp*

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Hiking (and Poke Hunting) @Wentworth Falls

31st July 2016

Dear Chibi,

On this nice lovely Sunday, Hubby and I did some hiking over at the Blue Mountains :D Hubby woke up extra early this morning to make fresh sushi for lunch~ yummm. We did the trail at Wentworth Falls which took us about 3 hours including breaks. We also took the chance to see if there were any Pokemon in the area (Pokemon Go taking over our lives~ lol) Reception wasn’t that great, especially as we descended the mountains, so it’s not really practical (and kinda dangerous). We were surprised there were a few Poke Stops along the trail and even two gyms! Hubby and I battled at the red gym and left our Hypno and Snorlax there. It apparently got taken over tonight at around 7pm.. Someone actually went down the mountains after dark to play.. nuts ;p

I’m surprised I don’t feel tired at all :O Maybe all those steps I’ve been doing recently is paying off ohoho ;D There were more Pokemon to catch than I expected, though you wouldn’t come all the way here just for that. They’re pretty common ones you can find anywhere else. Still, it was a nice touch being able to see them here ^^

Pokemon Go Progress!

31st July 2016

Dear Chibi,

Today I reached level 23 :D Pokemon Go is still tons of fun, and I’ve been walking so much more because of it! I did 19,000 steps today, and 20,000 the last two days :O Can Chibi keep this up?

Pokemon Go!

You may have noticed my Poke coins have increased! I’ve continued to battle at least once a day to claim my minimum 10 coins per day. I actually didn’t realise you could claim more than 10 coins, if you have more than 1 Pokemon at a gym at the time you claim. You may only claim once a day, but if you have 2 Pokemon in different gyms, you could claim 20 (provided they’re still at the gym when you redeem it!)

Upon learning this, Hubby and I walked around town and took down 4 gyms today, woo! :D We played it safe and claimed 20 coins after we conquered two gyms. We didn’t want to get too greedy and risk getting nothing XD We’ll aim for four next time.

Pokemon Go!

My top four Pokemon defending for Team Valor

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Rayfy’s Birthday Lunch @Anema E Core

24th July 2016

Dear Chibi,

To celebrate Rayfy’s 29th birthday, we had lunch in Meadowbank at Anema E Core, for traditional Italian wood-fired pizza! The photos all came out red because we sat outdoors under a red marquee. Luckily it was nicely heated as it was a pretty cold day! The pizza was pretty good, and the staff were super friendly and enthusiastic :D Ray also brought along a delicious Birthday cake~ nomnomnom.

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All

14th July 2016

Dear Chibi,

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Pokemon, but Pokemon Go is so amazing! AMAZING YOU HEAR ME??!! XD WHAT AM I EVEN DOING HERE I SHOULD BE OUT IN THE BUSHES LOOKING FOR MY JIGGLYPUFF! X3

I installed the game on day one (after everyone was talking about it), but it was not until a few days later that I decided to try it out. By the time that happened, my usernames were all taken … so now I’m stuck with this:

Pokemon Go

(Seen: 43 Caught: 39)

I’m having lots of fun so far, and it’s making me want to walk even more (which is great for my daily steps!)

Looking forward to Emily’s brunch on Sunday, which is followed by a Poke Walk, woo! :D


“An Evening of Final Fantasy” @Sydney Opera House

10th April 2016

Dear Chibi,

Today Hubby and I went to see “An Evening of Final Fantasy” presented by Nathankct and Joelle at the Sydney Opera House. A big thank you to the kind folks at The Japan Foundation Sydney, for giving away a free double pass :D (Tickets are normally $79-$99) We attended the 3.30pm session at the Utzon Room, where we also saw Emily, Mel, MZ, Amy, Somps, Dong and co.

I’ve previously seen 2 other Final Fantasy music performances; “Distant Worlds” in 2011, and “A Night in Fantasia” (so long ago I can’t even remember when ;D)  This will be our first time seeing a solo pianist and vocalist.

An evening of final fantasy NATHANKCT and joelle

“Nathankct, performing on grand piano, in collaboration with international star vocalist JOELLE, seeks to delight and entertain, translating the personal into the universal through his own arrangements of both classics and rarely heard gems from Final Fantasy I through XIII; Performing one night only in the unique and intimate Utzon Room of the Sydney Opera House, and with iconic views of art, and windows looking out to the ocean.”


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Marcus’s 30th Birthday Quake LAN Party

21st March 2016

Dear Chibi,

Happy Birthday to the one and only CoolGuy23 ;D We celebrated his 30th birthday with a Quake LAN party @City Hunter in Chatswood. Why Quake? It’s Quake’s 20th Anniversary this year, and Marcus loves the game too much ;D We also had a Doom LAN Party 3 years ago.

Was a great session and lots of fun ^_^




A Quake themed card from me and Hubby :)

Photos taken by MZ and Marcus and stolen by me.


Well, Legacy of the Void is here!

29th December 2015

Dear Chibi,

AH, Starcraft 2. It’s been months (years?) since I last played Heart of the Swarm, and I wasn’t sure if I would end up getting the new Legacy of the Void protoss expansion~ but it’s Christmas time, and my bro is awesome so… NOW I’VE GOT THE GAME 8D



Oh these note pads :’D. This is gonna sound silly but I’m slightly disappointed by the fact this notepad design is not Protoss/Starcraft exclusive. Where’s the consistency? I don’t want a generic Blizzard image, XP.


I spent some time checking out the new features, game modes (archon mode, CO-OP, vs AI) and had a glimpse of the new units. Most of the game feels about the same, except I’ll probably have to learn new build order/openings since the timing is all crazy off with additional starting workers, and less mineral patches. Interesting to see how I can incorporate the new Terran units too. They’re kinda weird at the moment, haha.

Well, I guess it’s time to Find Match! :D