Catching Mewtwo! My first Ex-Raid Experience

18th February 2018 at 10:36 pm

Dear Chibi,

A bit late to the party, but I finally got my first Ex Raid Pass for Mewtwo :D Since it’s my first time, Hubby accompanied me to the gym and helped document the experience. Here’s a recap:

Ex Raid Invitation on the left. Seeing Mewtwo spawn on the right.

Due to annoying track work and us wanting to capture Rayquaza first, we got to the gym a little late. About 8 minutes in or so~ which doesn’t sound too bad but in the world of Ex Raids, we were pretty late :O

When we arrived, Markos had already finished with his raid (He got a pass as well). Large groups of players were hanging around the park but they were all in private groups & were also done. I entered the public lobby with 1 other person and hoped for the best.

After waiting and re-entering several times, we finally got a raid with 7 players going.

Not many red guys but that will have to do! Go go my army of Tyrannys :D

This Mewtwo had Focus Blast which one-shot my pokes :’D It was a little stressful but we had plenty of time (around 35 secs left). I was getting critically low on revives ^^”


I caught it with my first throw (Excellent curve!) 80IV. Not the strongest one out there, but I’m okay with it :)


Afterwards, the three of us took a stroll to Chinatown to find some food. There were some decorations for the Year of the Dog. Oh yes, Happy Chinese New Year :D

2 Responses to “Catching Mewtwo! My first Ex-Raid Experience”

  1. Mark says:

    was more happy about the rare catches after the mewtwo raid :p