Pokemon Go Progress!

31st July 2016 at 12:44 am

Dear Chibi,

Today I reached level 23 :D Pokemon Go is still tons of fun, and I’ve been walking so much more because of it! I did 19,000 steps today, and 20,000 the last two days :O Can Chibi keep this up?

Pokemon Go!

You may have noticed my Poke coins have increased! I’ve continued to battle at least once a day to claim my minimum 10 coins per day. I actually didn’t realise you could claim more than 10 coins, if you have more than 1 Pokemon at a gym at the time you claim. You may only claim once a day, but if you have 2 Pokemon in different gyms, you could claim 20 (provided they’re still at the gym when you redeem it!)

Upon learning this, Hubby and I walked around town and took down 4 gyms today, woo! :D We played it safe and claimed 20 coins after we conquered two gyms. We didn’t want to get too greedy and risk getting nothing XD We’ll aim for four next time.

Pokemon Go!

My top four Pokemon defending for Team Valor

After saving for my next “Lucky Egg”, I evolved 62 Pokemon today, 14 which are new :D
Here’s my current highest CP Pokemon:

Pokemon Go!

(Caught: 96, Seen 98)

yaaayy… finally no more pinsirs :’D And of course, I found my Jiggly :DDDDD I hatched her from a 2km egg.

Pokemon Go!

Too cute X3

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