Chibiusa’s Time Key!

16th February 2013

Dear Chibi,

Look what finally arrived in the mail~ Chibiusa’s Time Key! :D

Chibiusa's Time Key by Kumacrafts

Isn’t that cute? I was really happy with the Crisis Moon Compact Necklace I bought from Kumacrafts a few months ago and when the ‘Time Key’ popped up I knew I had to get it! To be honest, I would have liked it better if the key itself was a bit smaller (to match the size of the actual time key)~ it’s kinda massive and looks bigger than my Crisis Moon Compact ^^; On the other hand, Kaz ordered Sailor Mercury’s Star Henshin Wand, and it’s soo adorable because it’s so small XD! Great detail on that one too :3

Not long after I ordered these, Kumacrafts announced a new Star Locket necklace is in the making, and OMG its pretty. She’s gonna make me broke, halp… ;_;

For now, I think I’ll just go and travel to the future, teehee~


Crisis Moon Compact Necklace :3

7th November 2012

Dear Chibi,

Yaaay! After waiting for about a month, I finally received my very own Crisis Moon Compact necklace created by the talented KumaCrafts! This is based on Sailor Moon’s Super S henshin compact from the 4th season. It’s sooo adorable and pretty and shiny! I’m really happy with it.

Now I’m having second thoughts about wearing it… what if I accidentally damage it? D: Guess we’ll see ^^;

Crisis Moon Compact necklace by Kumacraft

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