Japan 2024: Tokyo Disney Land

5th June 2024 at 9:26 pm

Dear Chibi,

We couldn’t take P-chan to Japan without a trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth”~ Disneyland! :D It was our final full day in Tokyo so I was glad the weather cleared up for us (it rained a lot the day before). We went on a weekday hoping to avoid the busy crowds, though it still end up being rather busy with lots of school kids on excursion. We utilised the fast passes where we could. Thankfully P-chan is just tall enough to get on every ride, so we had lots of choices!

Our very first ride was Space Mountain! We queued here around 100 minutes (our longest line) but P-chan stayed pretty excited and patient throughout. We spotted the Green Army guy from Toy Story wandering about. Love how in-character the mascots are.

Space Mountain was actually a pretty thrilling ride, though it was dark inside so you couldn’t really see what was going on. The ride was very jerky and I felt like I was being thrown around XD. Pretty sure I screamed a couple of times. I was worried it was all too much for P-chan (he was sitting with Daddy at the front). Thankfully he came out of the ride thinking it was the best thing ever. “Again! Again! I want to go again!” :D Of course, there were so many more rides to go on, and we’re not queuing for another 100 minutes XD

We decided to head to Adventure Land and the lines here moved pretty quickly. We hopped onto a steam train ride “Western River Railroad” followed by “Jungle Cruise: Wildlife expeditions”. I felt major deja vu going on the Jungle Cruise because I swear I’ve done this before…. then again, this was my 4th Disneyland after all! It feels like a classic. P-chan loved every ride and wanted to go on it again. So many new experiences for him.. lots of ‘firsts!’

Next up was the parade “Harmony of Colour”. These are always a joy to watch, especially when they crank up the music. I was curious to see which characters would be featured. Most of the Disney Princesses appeared on the night parade floats.

Rapunzel is so pretty *_*

Pocahontas..? Who is this lady? ^^;

Only managed to capture the back of Belle XD We got the views of the Princes instead.

After the parade which ran for 45 minutes, we went to grab some lunch! The food was surprisingly cheap… by amusement park standards XD. Grabbed a Baymax burger. Yum!

We finally got to use our fast pass for “Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!”, bye-bye long lines. It was probably the most satisfying part walking right through to the front XD. This ride was pretty fun too. Then it was followed by “Star Tours: The Adventures Continue” with another fast-pass and “Peter Pan’s flight”. This was my favourite ride the last time I came here in 2008, so I was so excited for P-chan to experience it. Of course, he loved it along with all the rest.

~It’s a Small World~

We didn’t do many meet and greets with the characters since the encounters were all “booked out” really quickly. But Mr Incredibles was around, and he gave P-chan a high-five :D

We grabbed some popcorn to enjoy the “Club Mouse Beat” dance show.

Lightning McQueen movessss :O P-chan was more interested in the ladies with orange hair lol. He kept asking why their hair is orange. He got to high five one of them too lol

After the show it was starting to get late. We managed to fit in a few more rides like “Snow White’s Scary Adventures”. This ride was way more creepy than it should’ve been with the evil witch popping out in every corner. lol. Didn’t scare P-chan though.

Oh my goodness, the BAYMAX RIDE “The Happy Ride with Baymax”. We passed this one a few times during the day and P-chan kept asking to go. The lines seemed long so we kept finding other rides. I was NOT ready for how awesome this ride was.. and not just the ride itself but the concept made queueing up….actually FUN?? The whole atmosphere was crazy. The 6 original songs that played along each ride were all super catchy!! And there were dance moves and everyone was just pumped and dancing along the whole time. Maybe this can only happen in Japan but ohmygosh, I had so much fun lol. When we finally got on the ride, I was screaming half the time because I did not expect it to be as thrilling as it was. Probably my favourite ride from today!

Of course, we stayed till closing time to watch the night parade “Electrical Parade Dreamlights” where most of the Disney Princesses took centre stage (Finally got to see Elsa. Is Frozen not popular here?? XD). It was then followed by the fireworks at Cinderella’s Castle. Funnily enough, we still had 1 more fast pass to use at “Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters” which we got to squeeze in before it closed at 9pm. Talk about making most of the day!

Since coming home from Japan, P-chan still talks about Disneyland :) I’m sure he had the best day!

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4 Responses to “Japan 2024: Tokyo Disney Land”

  1. Jacky says:

    Baymax ride was the best hands down.

  2. Kaz says:

    Looks like such an action packed fun filled day!! Disney lane is the happiest place on earth!! Haha Perfect weather for it too!

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