Farm Stay Weekend Part 2: NSW Rail Museum

19th November 2021 at 2:54 pm

Dear Chibi,

Farm Stay Weekend Part 1: Strawberry Picking

The next morning we found chickens at our door step having some breakfast. P-chan watched as he munched on a little sandwich of his own.

Heading down to the cages, we were delighted to find a freshly laid egg on the ground! Score 8D!

Some fruit in the orchard

Naturally, the egg became a part of our breakfast, hehehe. Delicious!

The owners left us with more carrots and a bucket of chaff to feed the animals, so we headed back after to feed them.

Goats are at it again. lol. It required work to get to the alpacas!! XP
Ah, there we go! These guys are too passive XD

The main event of the day was our trip to the NSW Rail Museum. We have previously taken P-chan to the Illawarra Light Railway Museum, but this one is actually a lot nicer with plenty more to see! (The steam train ride was also really cool!!)

The Australian post mail carriage
OMG. Remember these signs??? XDD Talk about a blast to the past.
Gotta admit..seeing things from our time in a museum makes us feel super ancient. :’D
And a creepy person. Is this a jail inside a carriage? XD Mannequins freak me out.

We then headed to the train station to catch our ride :DDD We hadn’t finished exploring the museum yet, but we had a train we couldn’t afford to miss ;D

Our steam train at the historic Thirlmere Station
Time to board!

We were allocated the first carriage and had the room to ourself which was awesome. P-chan was very excited and it was a fun, comfortable ride!

Only Daddys would do this. I was silently freaking out XDDD P-chan loved putting his head outside.
Ah, scenic!!

After about 40 minutes, we were back at the station. We went to a kids playground just opposite the museum to take a break and have some lunch. Once we were rested we checked out the rest of the museum in the outdoor area. Lots of epic large trains to see (and a ton of running around for P-chan).

Super man 8D
Uh-oh, watch out for P-chan!
He looks so cute and tiny :3
And he’s off again. Lots of chasing today!!
He especially loved the ramps and stairs.
Exploring the different train carriages (sometimes more than once because he would walk back inside lol…)
Now..doesn’t this train look familiar??!
I feel like this resembles the old trains we used to catch! The designs were THAT old??
And..we’re tired. We walked a lot!

After seeing all the trains, it was time to say good bye and spend the rest of the evening back at the farm. It was our final night here with the animals. Time has gone by so quickly :’)

Photo bombed. AHAHA.
And now..KISS.

One final day as we head back home!

Farm Stay Weekend Part 3: Mount Annan Botanic Garden (final)

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