Farm Stay Weekend Part 1: Strawberry Picking

17th November 2021 at 4:21 pm

Dear Chibi,

15th of November marked our 7 year wedding anniversary! We went away for three days and two nights, relaxing at a farm stay and visiting surrounding areas. Our first event was strawberry picking at Thirlmere and it was such an amazing experience! SO FUN!! The strawberries were so delicious, fresh, juicy and sweet…oh, and massive. These are the biggest strawberries I’ve ever had. Oh my goodness, I didn’t expect us to be this excited but we were! It was all smiles for P-chan as he gobbled up as many strawberries as he could (and so did we!) :D

Getting ready to feast at Berrylicious
Strawberries galore. SO HAPPY :DDD
mMmmmm so good….~
Hubby approves :DD
Hunting for the next strawberry!
One for Mummy
…and one for P-chan <3
So perfect.
Picked some to eat the next day or two :3
Having fun with some dripping water ^.^
They provided some stools for the little ones to stand on. P-chan was still a bit too short to reach the strawberries on his own ^.^”
Thanks for the delicious strawberries!! We’ll definitely be coming back one day.

Next we had a yummy lunch at Vabys Restaurant in Picton. Staff were super friendly and P-chan was given an activity pad which kept him occupied while we ate. (He was pretty full from the strawberries XD)

Delicious meal ^^

We finally check-in and explore the farm! Lots and lots of chooks roaming around. They came running towards us to greet us XD (I thought we were getting ambushed)

There were goats, cute alpacas and a pony.
The goats were very aggressive. Or maybe just super hungry and desperate lol.
The owners left some carrots for us to feed the animals. I love the way P-chan is feeding them with both hands ^.^<3
So amused!
The goats are desperate lol.
Friendly little pony
Chasing ducks
After dinner, Hubby started a fire and we roasted marshmallows for dessert. Yum!
Notice the hen in the background? She’s got a little chick stashed inside her to keep warm. Motherly love, so sweet.

Such a fabulous day! The highlight was definitely the strawberry picking though… it was a fun, new experience for all of us :)

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