Part 3: Exploring Ikebukuro, more Sailor Moon merch & Butler Cafe

30th August 2014 at 11:03 pm

Part 1: I flew to Japan for the Sailor Moon Musical (and it was awesome!)
Part 2: Azabu Juban Summer Night Festival & Sailor Moon Real Life Locations

Dear Chibi,

We spent our last 2 remaining days in Japan exploring Ikebukuro. We managed to do a lot of shopping here and found heaps of Sailor Moon merch!! Wooo! :D So this last blog entry will just be sharing some of the goodies we saw, and wrap up with general thoughts on my trip :)


Sailor Moon Sticker Sheet Gashapon Machine~


Sailor Moon display @Animate



So cute and dotty :3 Was so tempted to buy her, but resisted ^^”



Sailor Moon Make-Up Plate Gashapon Set 3!


Cosplay wig store


EPIC Sailor Moon Wigs!! These look perfect! The inner senshi wigs can also be found in boxes on the lower cabinet.




Some Sailor Moon Cosplay Outfits! These look heaps cool. The wigs and costumes were found in the smaller Animate store in one of the upper levels.



Sailor Moon UFO Catcher Machines!! Ahhhhh THOSE MOON KITTIES & LUNA P!

Considering I’ve never actually played one of these in my entire life, I knew my chances of getting anything was ultra slim… But hey, there’s always beginners luck..right?? XDD Well, Kaz and I both threw in 1000 Yen each (about $10 USD) and didn’t catch any T_T






I need Crane Game Joe to help me XP




Outside Sunshine City building!


We originally came into this building to check out J-World, but got so distracted by all the other goodies we found we didn’t end up getting to it ^^”


Sailor Moon Paradise @ Village Vanguard. OMG.


Sailor Moon Crystal “Moon Pride” can be seen advertised at most Sailor Moon shelves :3



THIS IS INSANEEEEEEEEEE 8DDDDDDDD ahhhHkjdhsah sljfjhdsj Couldn’t stop squealing :3


Soooo… what Sailor Moon merch did I actually end up buying from this trip? Not much… ^^” I didn’t want to go crazy and buy every single item, though it was a LOT of fun just seeing them in person :D :D :D I’ve never been able to experience something as simple as walking into a store filled with so many Sailor Moon goods. I was content just being there and admiring them :) But of course, I did pick up a few things :D


That is all :D


I love this Princess Serenity pouch! Probably the only item I wanted from that Gashapon set, teeheee~


Yaay! Pink fluffy Crystal Star slippers! These are ultra comfy. I’ll be wearing them around my house ^^

Basically every merchandise you can find at stores here in Japan, you can order online. The prices are pretty similar (minus the shipping fees)~ and anything exclusive to Premium Bandai, you won’t find in stores. The only exceptions are if any Sailor Moon collaboration pop-up, or you want to have a go at the UFO prizes yourself XD

Swallowtail Butler Cafe

Among all the shopping, Kaz and I decided to check out Swallowtail Butler Cafe~ because we’re in Japan, so why not? 8D This was our first time going to one, so didn’t really know what to expect…. but I must say, the experience was pretty amazing!!! hahaahah!! We both enjoyed it a lot. We couldn’t stop giggling the whole time, as our designated butler was pretty charming XDDD. It also looked really nice and classy inside. All the butlers were very good looking too..ohohohoh SO MUCH EYE CANDY XDDDD.  It’s a shame we weren’t allowed to take any photos inside, so this is all we have:


The sign outside. XD I highly recommend this place for any girl who wants to be treated like a Princess, because this place ticks all the boxes. The food was actually quite nice as well, so I didn’t mind paying about $30USD for the food and experience.

…Andddd that basically sums up my trip :D Overall, I had an amazing time. I wish I didn’t get sick (and waste an entire day), but at least I got well enough to do everything I wanted to :)

P.S Here’s Lou Wiss the cat~He kept us company during our stay in Japan :D


I’ll miss him :’D

26 Responses to “Part 3: Exploring Ikebukuro, more Sailor Moon merch & Butler Cafe”

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  2. First day in japan i tried the crane with the cats..did not get anything hahah.. went back today and i got all 3 plus an extra luna :) i spent 4700 hahaha but it was fun.. i did not see animate.. where was it?

  3. Alita says:

    I’ve actually never been to Swallowtail as Garcon cafe’s are more my thing (where it’s girls dressed as guys so done BL style but have heard the experience is well worth the cost.

    • Chibi says:

      I’m probably never going to another Butler’s cafe again in my life, so I’m glad this one time we went it was a great experience :3 Now I can say good things about it!

      • Alita says:

        Well, if you are gonna go to one and only one I’d say that’d be the one to go to. Reservations are hard to get so glad you could get one ^^

        • Chibi says:

          Yeah, we actually went there twice XD The first time it was late at night, all reservations were full. We went back the next morning and were lucky to have 1 slot XD

        • Alita says:

          Wow you have super luck then, that’s great. They start taking reservations exactly 3 months in advance and many people camp at midnight and still can’t get a spot for that day 3 months out. You must’ve found a date with a cancellation, very cool.

  4. Jess-chan says:

    All that stuff!! :grabs and runs off with it:

  5. Lisa Terlato says:

    Wow!! I hope to go to Japan one day to see all of this! I always wondered what it would be like in a Butler cafe…

  6. Major says:

    Hello?where can see the Gashapon Set 3?Thanks so much:)

  7. Excellent, thanks for the adress!

  8. Wow! Looks like an awesome trip. @_@ All that Sailor Moon merch… it’s like Heaven.. I would be broke if I went there. Hehe

  9. Wow I really hope these merchandise will still be selling next year too >< Such a boom for the 20th year anniversary!

  10. Jen Carl says:

    I am dying to go back to Japan.

  11. cammyii says:

    Loved all the moonie stuff we saw and Butler Cafe!! OMG!!*squealll*

  12. I am SO insanely jealous! IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL *.*

  13. Emily says:

    Looks so awesome, Chibi! So jealous!!

    Hope you’re feeling better now – sounds like you had tons of fun :)

  14. Dena says:

    Where exactly did you go to see the merchandise. What station is it near?