Evangelion: 1.11 and 2.22 Blu-Ray

16th June 2013 at 11:22 am

Dear Chibi,

I received Evangelion: 1.11 and 2.22 Blu-Ray in the mail about a week ago but haven’t had the chance to sit down and write about it until now :D

Let me start off by saying… I haven’t really watched Evangelion before. Well, I have a little bit back in my early high school days but that was so long ago and in-sequential that it didn’t make much sense XD Hopefully watching the movies this time around will be a more fulfilling experience. I want to know what the fuss is all about!


Evangelion: 1.11 You are (NOT) Alone and 2.22 You Can (NOT) Advance

The two came in a very well packaged box. I had a pleasant time un-boxing it and I loooove the look of these. The plain orange and red on the slip covers work well. Since these were part of a series/collection, I lined them up to see how they’d looked together:


One side features a face of Shinji Ikari and Mari Illustrious Makinami (new character in the movie)


..And the other side has.. a weird gap O_o..?? What is this? I can’t seem to work out what this hole is for, anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: I’ve just been told the gap is for a ‘red tag’ security system that a few retailers still use to stop theft from stores. Heee! Thanks Ben!


The two Blu Ray boxes side to side

Evangelion: 1.11


Back of slip cover and case shows different content and different imagery


The Blu-Ray comes with a little 20 page guide book filled with artwork, character profiles and notes. I think the booklet is a nice addition but the text is a tad bit small ^^”



Evangelion: 2.22


Interestingly, the second movie keeps the minimalist plain orange for the disc and booklet too. I think this looks a lot better than 1.11.


Unlike 1.11, the back of the slip cover and case feature the same images. I like the direction they’ve gone with the 2nd movie (consistency is a good thing!) and wish they had done the same for the first.



They’ve also improved on the readability of this release with larger font sizes!


Overall, I’m quite happy with the packaging, and hope the content of the movies is just as good :) Guess we’ll see soon!

Special thanks to Madman for providing these Evangelion Blu-Ray discs!

2 Responses to “Evangelion: 1.11 and 2.22 Blu-Ray”

  1. Jacky says:

    Excellent review!

    Evangelion has its twists and oddness’ but overall I think you will enjoy it =)

  2. Chibi says:

    haha..hope so! XD