Roasted Pumpkin and Feta Risotto

25th August 2012 at 3:55 pm

Dear Chibi,

Today I tried my hands on making a risotto dish, based on this recipe! I don’t remember what risotto is supposed to taste like, so it was all very new and exciting to me (much like the potato and leek soup). It turned out really yummy and flavorful :D I used to hate pumpkin so I don’t have it much at all, but times have changed ;D

mmmm.. Progress pics below :D

Pumpkin, 1 onion, 2 cups Arborio rice, 2 cloves garlic, ½ cup white wine, 5 cups chicken stock, ½ cup parmesan cheese, 2 tablespoons oregano leaves, 150g feta + farmer bear :D

Jacky will be helping me get all the veggie ingredients for all my foodie adventures. It makes things a lot easier and cheaper for me :)

This dish took me 2.5 hours in total to make, but the bulk of it was taken up by preparing the pumpkin. Peeling the pumpkin was difficult and challenging! I didn’t know what I was doing, so it took me about 40 minutes, ahahah XD

..And we have the pumpkin peeled.. (kinda) I had no idea how to chop the top part off so I left it, lol.

Chopped into little blocks. Ah..that’s looking better!

Pumpkin combined with oil, salt and pepper and into a preheated oven to roast!

Grating parmesan cheese. mmmm… lots of fun to play with :D

Meanwhile we have the Arborio rice cooking with the onion, garlic, white wine and chicken stock. Constantly monitoring it for about 30 minutes :)

Crumbling my Greek feta cheese~

Roasted pumpkin ready to go!

And finally mixing in the pumpkin, parmesan, oregano leaves and feta!

Tada! The finished Roasted Pumpkin and Feta Risotto  :) We also had it with a banana smoothie with cookies and cream icecream ~ Delicious!

5 Responses to “Roasted Pumpkin and Feta Risotto”

  1. cammyii says:


    hahah make me some risotti next time??

  2. Jacky says:

    Best dish yet =)

    I’ll peel the pumpkin for you next time, can’t be that hard =P