Christmas 2018

26th December 2018

Dear Chibi,

Wishing family & friends a very joyous Christmas! :3

Ah, it’s Boxing Day today. Despite my intent to check out the sales each year, I always end up too lazy and tired the day after. This year was no exception, lol. Here I am, 3pm in the afternoon, still in my PJs. I’m going to use this time to just relax and share some photos from yesterday’s festivities. We had a pretty big day! :D

This year Hubby and I hosted a family Christmas Party at home. It turned out to be an all-day affair starting from noon and ending at midnight :D

Group shot, just missing little Champy who is hidden in the garage :’)
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Christmas 2017

25th December 2017

Dear Chibi,

This year’s Christmas was spent with family at Kaz’s place. It was a fun-filled day with delicious food, games and mahjong wins (for me) :D

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Christmas & a MoonSticks comic book!

26th December 2016

Dear Chibi,

This year we spent Christmas at my parents house, and it was a fun-filled day hanging out with my siblings & siblings-in-law.

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Lights in the Neighbourhood

24th December 2016

Dear Chibi,

It’s finally the holidays!! Last night Hubby and I took a stroll around our neighbourhood to admire the Christmas lights people have set up. Although this house isn’t as epic as the one in Hurstville, I think it’s pretty impressive :O

I love how much effort put into these things~

Tropicana Christmas Party

21st December 2016

Dear Chibi,

2 more days til the Christmas break!! :D Yesterday we had our office “Tropicana” themed Christmas Party, which consisted of Kris Kringle and drinks in the office followed by a bus ride to “The Bucket List” at Bondi Beach. I dressed up as a pineapple, I hope you can tell :’D

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Merry Christmas~ 2015

26th December 2015

Dear Chibi,


This year Hubby and I celebrated Christmas with the cofa guys at Somps & Dong’s place :D



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Nautical Themed Xmas Party

5th December 2015


Dear Chibi,

Two nights ago we had our company’s nautical/sea-themed Christmas Party at Harpoon Harry in Surry Hills. People got pretty dressed up, so it was a lot of fun seeing all the costumes. I went as a sailor. There were groups of captains, Pop-Eyes, pirates, jelly fishes, sea queens and mermaids. There was even the Titanic.. (and a Titanic casualty.. XD)


Outside view of the venue, with a gold fish in the foreground 8D



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Christmas & Boxing Day Family Time

27th December 2014

Dear Chibi,

This years Christmas was a two day affair.  Christmas Day was spent with Hubby’s family at Uncle Kevin’s house and Boxing Day was luncheon with my family at home :)





These two boys are the cutest things ever :3



Merry Christmas~ 2013

26th December 2013

Dear Chibi,

This year my family held a Christmas Party, where we celebrated the festive season with family, friends and lots of fooooddiess :D!


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Mad Hatter’s Ball~ Xmas Party

6th December 2013

Dear Chibi,

Last night I attended the ‘Mad Hatter’s Ball‘, my company’s Christmas Party held at the Oxford Art Factory :DD As the name suggests, the theme was Alice in Wonderland!! :D Lots and lots of great costumes that night, and the decorations were amazing :) Great company, awesome music..and a pair of sore feet by the end of the night XD



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