Xmas Butternut Snap Rudolph Chocolate Tartlets

23rd December 2012 at 8:27 am

Dear Chibi,

It’s been a while since Chibi has had her last foodie adventure! I haven’t been very inspired for the last 3 months, but thanks to Christmas being just around the corner, I’ve gone all excited about it again :) Time to cook up something for the festive season! :D In this episode, we’re gonna have a look at how Chibi tackled these super cute ‘Butternut Snap Rudolph Chocolate Tartlets’~


(P.S I did not make up this recipe ;D I followed one, haha)

I woke up nice and early on Sunday 9th and had a stroll to Woolies to buy my ingredients and baking tin. I’ve always wanted to make little sweets like this, and I can’t wait to use the decorating icing kit! It’s like art and crafty but on food! ^_^

Arnott’s Butternut Snap Cookies ready to go into a preheated oven for a little baking

Gently molding the shape for the tartlet base. This was a little tricky as it was quite fragile and it was hard keeping the biscuit from moving. (Note to self: It’s easier when it’s nice and soft, so bake it a tiny little bit longer but don’t burn the bottom)

Allowing to cool…

Melting and mixing the chocolate, butter and cream~ then placed in the fridge to cool

Filled the biscuit cases with chocolate. There was a bit too much chocolate left over so I was tempted to put more into each case, which made some spill over..

Sorted through a packet of mini Pretzels to find all the star shaped ones to use!

Sliced marshmallow into halves and gently pressed them onto each one


Using ready-made frosting, I attached a jaffa to form the nose! :o) The frosting was fun to use!! I’m starting to get the hang of it…

Time for the eyes! I picked out the white mini marshmallow and sliced them in half ~ using writing icing to give them some personality ;D


Don’t they look dotty and adoraaablle??


Finally, I attached the mini star pretzels to create the antlers and it’s finished!! Just for the fun of it, I gave a few of the reindeer all sorts of other antlers.. XD

This was a lot of fun to make ~ I feel like a kid again :D I spent the whole day feeling giggly and excited because these just look so adorable. It tastes great too!

Also made another batch and brought it to Jacky’s Christmas Party :) The photos above were taken during the first and second lot I made.

7 Responses to “Xmas Butternut Snap Rudolph Chocolate Tartlets”

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  2. Jacky says:

    This has to be the thing that recieved the most compliments that night! Thanks for making this! tastes so good too!

  3. InvertMouse says:

    Looks amazing XD!

  4. cammyii says:

    YUM and CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD