Luna Park family day event

21st December 2022 at 10:11 pm

Dear Chibi,

The end of year is always an exciting time, and this year I got to bring P-chan and Hubby to my company’s Family Day event held at Sydney’s Luna Park! :D It was our first time coming here as a family, and P-chan’s first amusement park experience. I was so excited for this!!

My company had booked out the entire park for the day, though it was split into two sessions. We went to the morning one since it had more activities for younger kids~ petting zoo, face painting, balloon twisting, Santa etc~ though we end up skipping all of that XD. There’s just so much to see and do and not enough time ^^” Gotta try the rides, right?

First up, the Carousel :D

P-chan loved this so much he didn’t want to get off ^^” Who could blame him?

The free rides were great, but the best part was the unlimited free food and drinks. With no lines. OMG.

Next up was the Dodgem Cars aka Bumper cars! The queue for this was really long.. but P-chan enjoyed it very much as well :3

Into Coney Island we go. The ‘Wonky Walks’ confused me XD

The Mirror Maze was a hit.

Yea… I’M NOT GOING ON THAT HAHAA. Hubby and P-chan went down the slide together. P-chan is a lot braver than I was. Big smiles all around!

MORE FREE FOOD. It felt like I was in a dream… just eating away and not paying for anything…So good..

‘Silly Sub’ ride. So basic, but so fun for the little ones ^.^ So great watching P-chan enjoying himself so much.

There were so many more rides to go on, but unfortunately we ran out of time. We really wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel but it was too popular (and very slow) Next time… :’) P-chan squeezed in another round of the Carousel with Daddy before we had to leave.

What a big day out! Fun memories were made :)

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