Snow, Hot Springs & Wilderness – Blue Mountains Getaway

21st July 2015

Dear Chibi,

This past weekend Hubby and I spent 2 days and 1 night up near the Blue Mountains for a little winter getaway :) A few days earlier, we heard there were several road closures due to ice and snow(!), but luckily it didn’t affect us at all. In fact, there was basically no traffic, woo! We made a short stop at Maccas for breakfast, before heading up towards Katoomba. The higher we went, the lower the temperature. This was way exciting!


We stopped by Black Heath where we finally saw snow! YAAAAY! It was around 4 degrees here.






After our snow fun, we did some sight seeing and bush walking down Govetts Leap. We only saw 1 person along the way, so it was a really peaceful walk :D It started off very misty, but the more we descended, the clearer everything became.

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Japan Trip 2012~ Part 2

5th May 2012

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Dear Chibi,

Part 2 of my Japan Trip blog will be focusing on our days spent in Osaka and surrounding locations we explored via the Shinkansen and JR lines.

Osaka, Dotonbori, Shin Sai Bashi Suji

With each passing day, the cherry blossoms grew more and more pretty…

@Osaka Castle

Nightlife @Dotonbori where we had okonomiyaki and takoyaki :3


In Nara, we found lots of wild deers just hanging out at the parks! It’s a pretty funny sight seeing them so civilized XD They also bow their heads “kow-tow” at you after you feed them.. but I was kinda scared to go near them ^.^;

And of course, there were an abundance of shrines and gardens we visited in the area~

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