Meeting Kotono Mitsuishi/Sailor Moon @ SMASH! Con 2014

10th August 2014

Dear Chibi,



My Moon Stick Proplica signed by voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi



Autographed by Toshihiro Kawamoto


SMASH! Sailor Moon Themed

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TVB Wayne Lai & Nancy Wu Autograph Session @ Sydney

21st August 2011

Dear Chibi,

Wayne Lai and Nancy Wu @ Sydney 2011

It’s that time of the year again when TVB sends a few of their artists to Sydney to attend the Jade World Carnival and autograph session. This year, Wayne Lai Yiu-cheung and Nancy Wu Ding Yan were chosen and I was pretty excited about that. I really admire Wayne Lai as an actor especially his roles as “Chai Gau” and “Lau Sing” from the Rosy Business franchise. I’m kinda neutral towards Nancy, not a big fan or anything but I don’t mind her. Like the previous 2 years, Jacky, Kaz and I decided to check out the autograph session to meet these celebrities in real life. Sadly, on Friday I came down with the cold and spent the last few days trying to recover. I didn’t recover in time for the event so I wasn’t feeling my best.

The autograph session was held at 2.30pm at Sydney Sussex Center and we arrived about 2 hours earlier. Like the previous years there wasn’t much of a crowd earlier on, so we waited patiently and assumed this was the norm. It turns out the location has changed from the previous years and is no longer held at the main entrance! Only at 2.30pm did we realise it was actually hosted in the food court up on the third level… Yes, you heard right.. FOOD COURT. WTH?

By the time we arrived, the place was already jammed packed with people :( I had to use my super-chibi-ninja skills to find myself a good spot. There was also a queue for the autographs which only allowed VIPs with a sticker to get one. I didn’t have a clue about the stickers. What stickers? Before I could even comprehend the possibility of wasting 2 hours for nothing, Wayne and Nancy had arrived. The crowd went nuts and it looked kinda chaotic. There were lots of old grannies there too which I thought was..kinda cute but weird ^^;

Wayne Lai and Nancy Wu @ Sydney 2011

Wayne Lai and Nancy Wu @ Sydney 2011

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Michael Tse, Susanna Kwan & Joe Ma Autograph Session

12th September 2010

Dear Chibi,

Today was a really exciting & memorable day for me! TVB artists Joe Ma, Michael Tse (Laughing Gor) and Susanna Kwan came to Sydney for the Jade World Carnival, and today was the autograph session. Like the previous year, it was held at China Town Sussex Centre but in order to get an autograph we had to spend over $30 to go into a draw. Despite our efforts, Kaz end up drawing out 2 Moon Cake prizes instead, which left us slightly disappointed but the value of the cakes kind of made it okay XD

Nevertheless, we decided to turn up anyway since it was so much fun meeting Linda Chung and Moses Chan last year. The session started at 2pm, so after having some Japanese ramen, Jacky, Kaz and I joined in the crowd a little earlier to get a good view. We kept squealing when they arrived, it feels so amazing meeting celebrities in real life =D Laughing Gor was cool, Susanna Kwan was lovely and Joe Ma was so..charming XDDDD!

Laughing Gor, Susanna Kwan and Joe Ma

Laughing Gor, Susanna Kwan and Joe Ma

Susanna Kwan & Joe Ma at Sydney

Susanna Kwan & Joe Ma

At first, I was most excited about Susanna Kwan and Laughing Gor, but when the time came it was Joe Ma who kept us most entertained (he was sitting right in front of us; the other two slightly further away)

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Linda Chung and Moses Chan visit Sydney!

13th September 2009

Dear Chibi,

I’m absolutely over the mooooonnnn ^_______^!! Today Kaz, Jacky and I went to China Town for TVB’s Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣 and Moses Chan 陳豪’s autograph session! To be eligible for an autograph, we needed to spend $30+ at a store in Sussex Centre to go into a draw. Kaz entered and was lucky enough to win a ticket!! :D She was also allowed to bring two friends along and invited me and Jacky, yay.

We arrived at 12pm to redeem our tickets and went to have some drinks to cool ourselves down :) We went back there at 1.20pm to start queuing up and we were 2nd in line! How awesome is that? They made their appearance at 2pm and at that very moment, the queue kind of went crazy and people just pushed in and jumped all over the place ^^;; IT WAS SOOO EXCITING!! I was surprised how happy I was actually- I didn’t think I would be THIS excited to see them, but I went crazy too. lol There was sooo much competition for a good shot of them, but alas.. I think I dominated!!! :D :D :D

Linda and Moses at Sydney

I mean seriously… can anyone get a better view of them than this???? No randoms in the way!!! YAAAAAYYY!!! XD I didn’t even zoom-in for this picture- I was that close to them! So

Linda and Moses Wave

aww..they waved at us ^.^

Linda Moses Promote TVB

Linda and Moses recording a footage promoting TVB XD Yes, their recording camera was RIGHT next to me!! ahahaha…which is why my view was so good ^^

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Meeting Mario-Charles Martinet

12th September 2009

Dear Chibi,
Today Markos and I woke up nice and early  to head off to meet Charles Martinet- the English voice actor for Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Wario!! He was going to make his final appearance today at Harvey Norman CONVENIENTLY located at Auburn!!! LOL! I still find that awfully amusing..That is such a random location, hahaha..but it’s PERFECT for us!! XD

We were about the 9th-10th person to queue up, along with others who arrived really really early in anticipation ^_^ I was excited! We got there around 8am, but he wasn’t going to appear until 11am.  First I thought 3 hours was going to be quite a wait, but surprisingly time flew really really quick! Everyone was really friendly and most had their DS out playing, while Markos and I played with our gameboy.


While waiting, the staff actually came around and gave us Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and a bottle of water :D How nice is that?

chibi with Super Mario!
Me and Super Mario!

chibi with 8-bit Mario

…and a 8-bit Mario…XD

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3rd August 2008

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday Jacky, Markos and I attended SMASH! 2008, it’s second time running so we expected it to be bigger and better than the last. Bigger? Yes. Better? Not..sure…? This year was a lot more crowded, with more people dressed up, and more people cosplaying. However, I’m not sure the quality is there as much as the quantity. This is not to say all the cosplays were bad, there’s always going to be some good ones, (as there will always be certain characters cosplayed every year, like from Chobits and Kingdom Hearts for example). There appears to be less stores, less food stores (or am I imagining things?), less games, less dolls in the dolls collection and less…panels? I may be wrong but that’s what I felt, anyway.

Now, onto the events!

Does anyone remember this?

It’s the SMASH o8 Traveling Artist Book which Jacky and I drew in at Althea’s party earlier this year. It was finally being auctioned at the convention and was bought by a Cloud cosplayer for $205! Not bad =)

One of the highlights of this convention was a visit from a Special Guest Hidenobu Kiuchi, the first Japanese Seiyuu (voice actor) to attend an anime convention in Australia! He was best known for his role as Oshitari Yuushi (Prince of Tennis) and Ryohei Sasagawa (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)- however, I knew him as Ren Honjo from the awesome NANA.

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