King of the House

October 5th, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Another month of Champy adventures~ Our little boy is now one years old :3 He’s grown so much, but is still as cute as ever.

Let’s all take a moment to admire him from below, shall we?


How majestic ;D


We now let Champy inside the house 100% of the time. We don’t leave him in the garage anymore, and I can tell this has drastically increased his happiness level. Now he walks around the house like a boss ;D It’s fun to see where all his favourite spots are. He loves sleeping on the stairs, and rolling around.

Some things never change though…


Yup, let’s just use Hubby’s arm as a arm rest.

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Floz’s 29th Birthday @ Yayoi Garden

October 5th, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday we celebrated Floz’s birthday with dinner at Yayoi Garden in the city. It was such a warm day! I thought I was gonna melt in the sun, so I was pretty amused when I saw people wearing beanies and scarves on my train ^^”


We already ‘pre-ordered’ our menus beforehand, so it was just a matter of rocking up and waiting for the food.



My miso pork fillet katsu. Very tasty! I ordered a separate bowl of rice for it. The restaurant was pretty nice and modern. My only irk would be the 10% Sunday surcharge. There’s nothing special about Sundays, okay? XP It seems like a popular concept around here…since we went to Guylian Cafe afterwards at The Rocks, and it’s the same rule there.


100% Pure Pleasure ~ Belgian chocolate mousse with almond panna cotta and Guylian glaze. Delicious. Just a bit pricey at $20.


Oh oh, Marcus got me this awesome Sailor Moon postcard while he was at Animaga in Melbourne :D How thoughtful!

Happy Moon Festival

September 28th, 2015

Dear Chibi,

I’ve only been posting up pictures of food I’ve made, but Hubby has also done his fair share of cooking. I’m going to share a few pics from tonight’s meal :D


Gyudon, Miso Soup and a plate of Choi Sum:


mmmmmmMMMM :D


And of course, it wouldn’t be Mid Autumn Festival without some late night treats!


This year, we bought a box of Malaysian Moon Cakes :) There were 2 flavours~ “Jade Custard” and “Dark Knight”.



Oranges, marshmallows and moon cakes served with creme brulee milk tea



Sorry Champy, no moon cake for you  :3


I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it turned out pretty delicious. This one was a sweet coconut-custard. I love that the yolk part in the middle is fake, because I don’t really like the usual yolk found inside moon cakes ^^”


Black Moon Cake! This one was sesame flavoured :D


OoOOo.. so bad-ass looking. We were totally not expecting a black yolk XD

Girls night @Mal’s

September 20th, 2015

Dear Chibi,

It’s always so much fun hanging out with these girls ;D We don’t meet up all the time, but when we do- it feels like nothing has changed. These girls are nuts XP



Delicious vegetarian dinner prepared by Mal’s dad. YUM




After dinner, we snuggled around for some late night stories, followed by a mango mousse dessert. Next time we should totally have a slumber party, because by the end of it, Helen had collapsed ;D


Thanks for having us over Mal~ :D

Meeting Yuki~ The Japanese spitz

September 17th, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Last Sunday, Hubby and I went to Sompie’s place to meet her new little pup Yuki, a Japanese spitz :D This little guy girl looks like a mini polar bear X3 How adorable! She was 11 weeks old when we saw her. Growing fast! I am pretty scared of dogs though… so I kind of just froze and sweated away while the little one was licking my legs. XD Sorry Yuki, it’s me not you ;D



..And as usual, Hubby’s a natural ;D

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie -Rebellion- Collector’s Edition (Blu-Ray)

September 14th, 2015

Dear Chibi,

After seeing the first two Madoka movies late last year, I was curious to see what would happen in it’s third and final movie: Rebellion. I thought the ending of the second movie wrapped up nicely, and had a sense of completion. Luckily, the third movie didn’t feel like it was made for the sake of continuing, but genuinely had some new concepts to explore. And frankly, seeing as the first two movies were simply a rehash of the animated TV series, I’m sure fans would appreciate the new content. The animation and art look stunning as usual (It has some majestic action scenes *_*).

However, the ending has left me with rather mixed feelings. It has one of those confusing Evanglion-type finales, where you’re left wondering “What just happened?” I mean it kinnnnnd of makes sense, but I don’t know if its for the better or worse. It changes your whole perception of a character you thought you knew and loved. HAH. I hope that wasn’t too spoiler-ish.

What did you think of Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie – Rebellion Are you satisfied with the ending, or do you want a sequel? Share your thoughts in the comments below (Spoilers allowed ;D)

Now, let’s have a look at this Collector’s Edition Blu-ray…shall we? ;D


This Collectors Edition Blu-Ray comes with a bunch of goodies:

  • Collaboration Manner Videos (Monogatari Series x Madoka)
  • Textless Opening and Ending
  • Theatrical Trailer of Madoka Rebellion movie
  • Commercials (of other anime movie titles)
  • Deluxe booklet
  • Postcard set (2 postcards by Madman)
  • Special Slipcase (Back of the slipcase shows full page image of Homura)

In case you’re wondering about the ‘Monogatari Series x Madoka’ manner videos- these are a series of short animations that were screened in Japan cinemas before the movie started. They basically teach the audience movie etiquette, like not using your phone, talking, smoking, recording or spoiling the story for others. It is pretty cute ;D Monogatari and Madoka are both produced by Shaft, which probably explains the cross-over.


Inside the case, you’ll find two postcards by Madman:


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Hair trim & catch up with Moka

September 13th, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Today my hair was due for a maintenance trim. The difference isn’t too noticeable since I wanted to keep the length, but I try to convince myself the $58 is for a good cause XD. Although I like Shinka Hair Salon, (gosh I love their hair dye)- I thought the price for just a trim/cut and wash is a bit expensive ($65+ $30 for long hair = $95!) So after some googling around, I decided to give ‘Planet Hair‘ a go (another Japanese place). The salon was really spacious and clean. I was quite impressed. I guess a 10.15am appointment on a Saturday is not exactly the busiest of times ;D

Nevertheless, my hair stylist named Kai was really friendly! WHY ARE JAPANESE HAIR STYLISTS SO NICE? (Note: Not all stylists here are Japanese. I heard several of them speaking in Cantonese and Mandarin. I just happened to get allocated a Japanese one) Overall, it was a pleasant experience :) If you wanna try them out, tell them I referred you ;D (no. 521)


Today I also got to hang out with my old time buddy Moka~ aka Sagara Ruseiya :D~ Moka is now heavily pregnant with a second boy on the way… oh you crazy girl ;D We had lunch at ‘Abb Air Thai Street Cuisine 1982‘ at World Square. As expected, the food was great :D


Deliciousssssssss. Crab stick roll with enoki wrapped in seaweed. $4 each, but YUM 8D


Can never go wrong with a Pad Thai…


..nor a Thai Milk Tea *_* SUGAR OVERLOAD.


Cute Baby Jake :D He totally does not look like a 1 year old. He’s huge! Guess he’s gonna be a big brother soon :3



And for old times sake :3

Taiwanese Festival & Karaoke Outting

September 6th, 2015

Dear Chibi,

There was a Taiwanese Festival held at Darling Harbour this weekend. Burpy & his mum went to check it out in the morning, and since Burpy, Buns and I were gonna hang out that arvo anyway, we met up earlier and crashed the party ;p

It was a typical festival with lots of food stalls, music, stage performances and some booths showcasing arts and crafts (puppets and masks). Watching kids on stage performing Taiwanese dances gave me a sense of nostalgia. When I was about their age, I performed Taiwan native dances for Chinese School. I remember there being a photo taken of us standing on the stage at Cabramatta. We looked uncomfortable and awkward. The stage was burning hot, and we weren’t wearing any shoes XD. I wonder if I can dig up that photo one day… hmmm :3

EDIT: Found the photo:


The first one on the left is me. I look so angry. AHAHHAHA. I only recognise a few faces. There’s Kevin Ha next to me, Kaz, Mark and Quanne. *Sigh* Poor Quanne :<

After watching some dances and juggling- we popped into Guylian Cafe for some Belgian chocolate :D


Coconut hot chocolate :3 My only regret is not getting my camera focus right. I WILL LEARN XD.



Burpy’s mum was adorable 8D She reminded me of a child. Thank you for the treat :)

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Sleepyhead Champy

September 3rd, 2015

Dear Chibi,


Champy says hi! :D

Last month, we started letting Champy come into the lounge room more- something we’ve been avoiding since we don’t want him scratching the nice carpet. We’ve also let him explore the house, including upstairs, though we’ve found he mostly follows Hubby ^^” I’ve spent a lot of time downstairs watching Revenge (I’ve finished all 4 seasons), and Champy usually sits with us :D


I guess Champy prefers his sleep over soap operas ;D


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PaniQ Room Escape

August 31st, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Today cBsM finally got to do our second room escape experience (the first one being Vampire’s Castle). This time I booked PaniQ Room’s ‘Supercell 117’ which is basically a prison escape. We start off blind folded and hand cuffed while they lock us up inside two separate cells in the dark. We needed to find the switch for the lights, the keys for the handcuffs and go from there…

Unfortunately, we didn’t end up escaping in time… ^^” We went over by 15 minutes, and they gave out way too many clues. Although the room and puzzles were good fun, I left feeling unsatisfied… I wasn’t able to help solve any of the puzzles, or find any clues~ so it wouldn’t have made a difference whether I was there or not. I guess this stuff is just too hard for me : <



After PaniQ Room, we had lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks. I got this ‘Fisherman’s Catch’ and an iced chocolate :) Yay! I get to use my new camera, AND I LOVE IT!! Thanks Hubby, you’re the bestest :3 <3






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