Catching Mewtwo! My first Ex-Raid Experience

18th February 2018

Dear Chibi,

A bit late to the party, but I finally got my first Ex Raid Pass for Mewtwo :D Since it’s my first time, Hubby accompanied me to the gym and helped document the experience. Here’s a recap:

Ex Raid Invitation on the left. Seeing Mewtwo spawn on the right.

Due to annoying track work and us wanting to capture Rayquaza first, we got to the gym a little late. About 8 minutes in or so~ which doesn’t sound too bad but in the world of Ex Raids, we were pretty late :O

When we arrived, Markos had already finished with his raid (He got a pass as well). Large groups of players were hanging around the park but they were all in private groups & were also done. I entered the public lobby with 1 other person and hoped for the best.

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Sunday Brunch @Espresso Organica

11th February 2018

Dear Chibi,

Another impromptu get-together with these fine ladies + lads :D It can be tricky finding time when everyone is available, so if it’s a Sunday morning, it’s a Sunday morning!

Coconut mocha~ :D

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Back on the Starcraft Ladder

10th February 2018

Dear Chibi,
After a 2 year break from Starcraft, I recently got back into the game through replaying the entire Starcraft 1 + Broodwar campaign. It was a pretty fun & super nostalgic experience. I’d forgotten how ridiculously hard it was to control all the units & buildings. Still, the campaign was pretty easy except the final mission – now that was a challenge :) (The game is now free to play incase you’re wondering ;D)

Afterwards, I checked out the Legacy of the Void campaign in Starcraft 2 and completed it in Normal mode. The ending was quite…. hilarious XD. If you’ve got the game lying around, I do recommend finishing it (even if it’s just to see the bizarre ending lol)

Next came some 1v1 on the ladder. I played a bunch of games in Unranked mode just to kinda see what’s new. Liberators? Teleporting Battlecruisers?! What’s going on? SO MUCH HAS CHANGED I CAN’T BE BOTHERED LEARNING EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN. It seemed like too much work.

It wasn’t long before I realised I could probably still win the game with my good old marine+tank+medivac combo. It kind of didn’t matter at my level what my opponents were building or doing, lol. So off to Ranked mode I go! 8D

20 wins 9 losses

After my initial placement of Silver league Tier 3, I quickly made my way back up to Diamond league, woo! :D The new MMR and tier system is pretty neat. It makes it easy to see how close you are to being promoted or demoted. You also get this nifty promotion screen by simply moving up a tier within the same league.

I’m not gonna bother trying for Masters league. I’m too lazy to learn the new LOTV units or the patch updates XD For now, this is satisfying enough :)

P.S I realised I still don’t hot key my army :O


Brunch @Devon Cafe + an Arty Afternoon

3rd February 2018

Dear Chibi,

Ah…what a relaxing day :D Sompies and I had brunch at Devon Cafe in Surry Hills, and I was so impressed by the food :) It was so delicioussssss.

A Friday night reunion

2nd February 2018

Dear Chibi,

Guess whhhhooo?? Tonight I got to hang out with my long time Moonie friend Cycyn :D :D :D Last time we met was in 2014 when we watched the Sailor Moon musical together in Tokyo. This time she was on holiday in Australia with her family and we took this opportunity to meet up. CYCYN IS AWESOME!! One of the nicest and bubbly people I know.

We did some catching up over coffee at the Gateway, before her mum and cousin joined us for dinner. They were lovely ^^

Have a safe flight Cycyn! I know we’ll see each other again some day… maybe in Japan? hehe :3


Sushi and the Australian Open Finals

1st February 2018

Dear Chibi,

Sunday night we had my inlaws over to watch the Australian Open Finals match between Federer and Cilic. It was a pretty fun and amusing evening XD Of course, it also helps that Federer won ^.^

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Somps’ 31st Birthday Lunch

30th January 2018

Dear Chibi,

Last Sunday over the long weekend, we had a get together for Sompies’ 31st birthday. Lunch was at Al Aseel in Greenacre, where we had lots of meat and garlic sauce… in my case, it was lots and lots of onions ^.^”

We ordered way too much food, but I gotta say my side of the table were much bigger eaters XD Hubby, Rayfy, Steffi and I just kept going…. It was a satisfying meal!

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Portrait Painting

6th January 2018

Dear Chibi,

Today I did my first painting of the year featuring Korean beauty Pony :) Please click on the image below for a larger size:

I really like how she turned out, especially her right eye and her hair. The hair is always the funnest part *scribbles random lines everywhere* hehehe.

Zoomed in closer look

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Sailor Moon Season 1 Set Bluray Review

3rd January 2018

Dear Chibi,

Ready for the first review of 2018?

Sailor Moon season 1 is finally out on Bluray in HD format for the first time in Australia. It uses the newly created High Definition masters from Japan which is super exciting~ but what about the DVD sets fans have been collecting so far?

Madman will continue to release SuperS and Sailor Stars on DVD, but will be using the Japanese HD upscales instead of the European masters. I actually really liked the European masters used for seasons 1-3, so I’m hoping these will be just as good.

Comparing the limited edition DVD next to the Bluray boxset, the packaging is basically identical (just different sizes)

Box cover

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US Trip Part 9 (Final): New York

2nd January 2018

Part 1: Los Angeles & Coastal Drive
Part 2: Exploring San Francisco
Part 3: NBA Warriors Game
Part 4: Pier 39, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz
Part 5: Las Vegas
Part 6: The Grand Canyon
Part 7: Disney World, Orlando
Part 8: Orlando & Miami

Dear Chibi,

Our final destination New York is here! It’s really cold and it’s only November :’D I can’t imagine how it would feel when it snows! This is basically Sydney winter :O

Most of the streets are numbered, yet I still felt very lost in this massive city. How can a city be this big?? XDD

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