Which one would you pick?

May 25th, 2016

Dear Chibi,

The other day, Hubby heated some party pies as a pre-dinner snack. He then put the plate down and said “You can have one. Pick any you like =)”


I love how Hubby strategically placed a heart on one of it :3 THAT WAS TOTALLY MADE FOR ME.

But naturally, I was drawn to the bottom one, since that had the most sauce and I was greedy, lol :D

Which one would you pick?


A home-made gift

May 24th, 2016

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday I received this home-made gift from Sarah, a cinnamon lip scrub and tinted lip balm :O It’s so cool how she makes her own stuff, with all natural ingredients too :D I tried it out last night and it felt so good! The lip scrub smells like donuts…mmmMmm.. yum :3


My Joint 29th Birthday Basketball

May 22nd, 2016




Dear Chibi,

Yesterday was my 29th Birthday :) One more year to the big 3-0! Or maybe I’ll just be 29 again ..who knows? teeheee~ ;D

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An Early Birthday @The Tea Cosy

May 16th, 2016




Dear Chibi,

Next week Kaz and I will be turning 29 :) To celebrate in advance, our god sis Kat took us out for a delicious afternoon tea at The Tea Cosy, located at The Rocks. This place is soooo adorable and cosy~ I wanted to take pictures of everything XD

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Hubby’s Birthday Bike Ride

May 13th, 2016

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday was Hubby’s 29th birthday. It happens to land on a weekday, so we both took the day off work to relax and do some fun things :D We started the day watching the Spurs vs Thunders game (Western conference semi finals)~ before heading off to lunch at El Jannah for some juicy charcoal chicken goodness…mmMmm.. gotta love that garlic sauce *_*

We then headed to Olympic Park where we rode around for about 2 hours. I love it when there’s no one around, it’s so peaceful!!




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Mother’s Day Lunch @Hurricane’s Grill Brighton Le Sands

May 8th, 2016

Dear Chibi,

Today for Mother’s Day, we had lunch at Hurricane’s Grill Brighton Le Sands. Good thing there was no waiting time, unlike other years at other restaurants ^^” *cough*greenpeppercorn*cough* We also got the window seat looking out to the beach which was nice.




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Mother’s Day lunch @Kobito

May 7th, 2016

Dear Chibi,

Today we had an early Mother’s Day lunch with my inlaws @Kobito in Wolli Creek :) Japanese..mmm..my favourite!


Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother-in-law :D


Seafood Sunday!

May 1st, 2016

Dear Chibi,

Last night I saw pictures of juicy fresh oysters my parents-in-law had posted and I suddenly had an oyster craving myself. So today, Hubby took me to the Sydney Fish Markets for some fresh seafood goodness! :D We also bought some salmon to take home, for Hubby to make delicious sushi for dinner. My favourite!


Afterward, we went swimming again (second time in three days) and started to learn freestyle, woo! I’m still practising breaststroke of course ;D

I also have an exciting news to share~ my sister-in-law Sandra gave birth to a baby boy yesterday :D! I didn’t expect it to be so soon!! Congrats to both Alan and Sandra! Can’t wait to meet little Chrono 8D (His name hasn’t been decided yet so we’ll just call him baby Chrono Chan for now)

Looking back on Kaz’s Wedding Day

April 30th, 2016


Dear Chibi,

Today Kaz invited us girls over to her place to watch her full Wedding Day video! It’s almost 5 months since her big day, yet everything still feels very fresh in my mind (Guess that’s what happens when you blog it ;D You can read the full thing here.)



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Anzac Day BBQ @Blaxland Riverside Park

April 25th, 2016

Dear Chibi,


Today we had a BBQ with the uni guys over at Blaxland Riverside Park. Not sure if it’s due to the public holiday (or if this is just the norm XD) but there were sooooOOo many people! Good thing Ray arrived early to save us a spot near the waterfront :D


It was a really really nice day! Somps and Dong also brought Yuki along so we spent a lot of time playing with her. To my surprise, I wasn’t afraid of Yuki at all this time :O I even took her for a walk (or more like she took me for a run :P)


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