Sleepyhead Champy

September 3rd, 2015

Dear Chibi,


Champy says hi! :D

Last month, we started letting Champy come into the lounge room more- something we’ve been avoiding since we don’t want him scratching the nice carpet. We’ve also let him explore the house, including upstairs, though we’ve found he mostly follows Hubby ^^” I’ve spent a lot of time downstairs watching Revenge (I’ve finished all 4 seasons), and Champy usually sits with us :D


I guess Champy prefers his sleep over soap operas ;D


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PaniQ Room Escape

August 31st, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Today cBsM finally got to do our second room escape experience (the first one being Vampire’s Castle). This time I booked PaniQ Room’s ‘Supercell 117’ which is basically a prison escape. We start off blind folded and hand cuffed while they lock us up inside two separate cells in the dark. We needed to find the switch for the lights, the keys for the handcuffs and go from there…

Unfortunately, we didn’t end up escaping in time… ^^” We went over by 15 minutes, and they gave out way too many clues. Although the room and puzzles were good fun, I left feeling unsatisfied… I wasn’t able to help solve any of the puzzles, or find any clues~ so it wouldn’t have made a difference whether I was there or not. I guess this stuff is just too hard for me : <



After PaniQ Room, we had lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks. I got this ‘Fisherman’s Catch’ and an iced chocolate :) Yay! I get to use my new camera, AND I LOVE IT!! Thanks Hubby, you’re the bestest :3 <3






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Friday Tennis

August 29th, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Last night Hubby, Burpy, Buns and I played tennis at the Auburn courts, and it was a lot of fun! Hubby and Burpy have been playing together for a few weeks now, and I’ve always been meaning to join them.. but winter is kinda cold :P

Well, since the coldness is almost over and Buns was in town, we decided to all go play together :D We started playing at 7.30pm until the lights went off at 10.30pm. Time sure flies :O My body was in so much pain~ THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR SLACKING OFF ON EXERCISE JEN XP. ehem. I’ll try do this more often :3 I do miss the weekly Friday night squash sessions we used to have.

There’s not much opened around this hour in Auburn (apart from kebab shops)~ so we had a Maccas dinner. We hung out til midnight when we realised we left our poor cat inside (away from its litter tray ^^”) We were so sure Champy would’ve peed or pooped somewhere in the kitchen. To our surprise, everything was still intact when we got back :D GOOD BOY CHAMPY. We are so proud of you.


What’s for dinner? #9 Asian Basics

August 29th, 2015

Dear Chibi,

During the past month, I’ve gone back to try some Chinese basics :D

Dish #39 Coriander & Fish Fillet Soup


I always loved it when Mum made Coriander Soup back at home, so this (along with Chicken & Corn Soup) was always on my ‘must cook’ list! I also really like century egg (pei dan), so Hubby’s bought a pack from the Chinese supermarket. Woo! We can add it into Congee anytime :D (See below)

Ironically, I used to hate coriander *gasp* and I despised the look of century egg. I would always pick out the century eggs from my congee. WHO IS THIS CRAZY PERSON?! XP I’m slightly ashamed of my former child-self 8D

Dish #40 Chinese Fried Rice


I’m amazed how long its taken me to cook fried rice, lol. IT’S SO SIMPLE :D A quick easy dish to throw together that tastes pretty good if you ask me 8D This ones got chicken, egg, green peas, carrots, corn, onions, green onions topped with fried shallots. Sometimes I throw in green beans and beans spouts- just depends what I have lying around :)

Dish #41 Congee


(Photo taken with my new Sony Alpha 6000 Hubby got me :D~~~)

Congee is like.. Chinese porridge, but simply made from rice and water. I’ve made this several times now with a few variations:

  • Shiitake Mushroom with Century Egg
  • Scallops & Century Egg
  • Chicken & Century Egg

All of them were delicious :D We’ve cooked it in a saucepan on the stove and also using the rice cooker. The rice cooker method takes longer, but we’ve found that it’s a lot less hassle, less messy and you just have to throw everything in at the start. Top it with green onions & fried shallots..and BABOOM. EASY WEEKEND BREAKFAST MEAL :D



CoFA dinner @Green Peppercorn

August 23rd, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Wow..what a warm day for winter! Max of 27 degrees today; perfect weather to do the laundry ;D

Tonight Hubby and I met up with the uni guys in the city for some Thai/Lao goodness at Green Peppercorn. Woo!



Bishounen. This one is a pretty boy, huh? ;D Pretty indeed, but jammed with ice. It would’ve been a decent drink otherwise… Yakult + raspberry + strawberry + ginger ale :3


The food (as expected) was pretty damn good :D


Hubby and Rayfy creating a diffuser for Flora. How geeky :P



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Kat’s 29th Birthday Dinner @New Shanghai

August 21st, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Tonight we celebrated Kat’s 29th Birthday with Xiao Long Bao at Ashfield :D I always find it amusing how there’s several Shanghai restaurants that all have similar names located right next to each other! New Shanghai, Shanghai Night, New Shanghai Night and Taste of Shanghai… I’m surprised I didn’t rock up at the wrong place :P


Every time we have Shanghainese food, we always order the same dishes… because who could resist the delicious dumplings with hot and sour soup?! mmMMmm…


We also love that plate of greens. ahahaa




Happy Birthday sis <3


Cursed Sight is out!

August 4th, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Today is my second day at home trying to recover from the flu *sigh*. Nasty stuff. It’s been rather boring the past day as I couldn’t do anything but sleep. I tried to play LoL but that just made me want to puke :P Luckily for me, Marcus/InvertMouse’s new game “Cursed Sight” got released today so I took this opportunity to check it out :) With a bowl of congee in hand, I entered the land of Taria, and all its pretty visuals *_* The setting reminds me of Ancient China which I love (due to my liking of wuxia genres)~ though it’s probably more fictional than anything else. There were a lot of ‘westernized’ elements in it, like the character having bacon and eggs, foods not typical of the Chinese.. but whatever XD. The main thing is… Cursed Sight is pretty good! I end up playing through the whole thing (and seeing all 4 possible endings) in one go, a bit under 5 hours. Best 5 hours spent today, woo!


I really enjoyed the story & script. There were some really sad moments (I cried twice) and some crazy plot twists @.@ Each of the 4 endings were drastically different (some kinda creepy >.<). I thought the art and music were both really well done and added a lot to it. I normally dislike reading novels (sad fact.. I know), but I got through this one easily. I’m happy to say, my first Visual Novel experience has been a good one :) yaaay~


I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone, so do check it out yourself :D You can get it from Steam or check out his webpage for more info.


Chibi Doll~ Rikku. Final Fantasy X girls set complete!

August 3rd, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Final fantasy X Rikku Chibi Doll

And here is the Rikku Chibi Doll :) I hope you like it! I’m actually sick at home today with the flu :( NooOOOO. I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN RIGHT NOW : < *sob* Guess I’ll take some panadol and have a rest…

Final Fantasy X Chibi Dolls Yuna, Rikku and Lulu

In the meantime.. enjoy these cuties :D!



Chibi Doll~ Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

August 2nd, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Chibi Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

So I end up drawing Yuna today :) What a pretty outfit. Now I just need to make a Rikku doll to complete the girls set!

Chibi Doll~ Lulu (Final Fantasy X)

August 1st, 2015

Dear Chibi,

Final Fantasy X - Chibi Lulu

Just felt like drawing Lulu :D Not sure if I’ll draw the other characters..maybe one day :)