US Trip Part 3: NBA Warriors Game

10th December 2017

Part 1: Los Angeles & Coastal Drive
Part 2: Exploring San Francisco

The Warriors game end up being my favourite part of the trip, so I’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog entry about my experience. Hopefully it will still be interesting to non-Basketball enthusiasts :)

Dear Chibi,

Geared up and ready to go!!! Looks like Hubby has converted ;) ohohohho~

Golden State Warriors vs Orlando Magic

We watched the Warriors vs Magic 13th November, 7.30pm game at Oracle Arena. We didn’t base our USA trip around the NBA schedule, since it wasn’t released when we were planning our trip. I was thrilled there was actually a home game while we were in San Francisco! I would’ve been devastated to miss out on seeing them play live. We bought tickets about 2 months ago, and I’ve been looking forward to it since. It also happened to be ‘Steph Curry Championship Bobblehead Night’, so the first 10,000 fans in attendance got one! Ahhhh I NEEDED IT!


We arrived around 5.30pm. Doors were opening at 6.

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US Trip Part 2: Exploring San Francisco

8th December 2017

Dear Chibi,

See Part 1: Los Angeles & Coastal Drive

In-N-Out to start the day!

We’ve been trying to have this since day 1, but somehow timing was just never quite right. At this point, I was still feeling nausea from Five Guys, so I tried to eat as light as I could (Which wasn’t possible from In-N-Out so I just…didn’t eat at all lol XD). According to Hubby, it was pretty amazing! Possibly higher than Five Guys on his list. What we didn’t realise was that they had a “Secret Menu” which allowed you to order some crazier stuff like “Animal Style Fries” & “3×3 burger”. Fear not- we had another round of In-N-Out later in the trip to make up for it 8D.

(Btw, why is every burger joint red? :P)

Just like that, our coastal drive was over. We finally arrived in San Francisco, home of my favourite Golden State Warriors :D

Union Square

We stayed at Chancellor Hotel on Union Square, and boy did that have the tiniest space ever. (hmm, actually New York may have been the winner )

At least the location was convenient :D

The great thing about coming here in November is that we also got to experience the Christmas vibe.
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US Trip Part 1: Los Angeles & Coastal Drive

5th December 2017

Home Sweet Homeeeeee! :D I miss my cat.

Dear Chibi,

Hubby and I have recently returned from our 3 week holiday in the States :D The trip was for our 3 year wedding anniversary which lands on November 15th. It was our first time venturing outside of Asia, so the long flight was quite the experience ;D (and a little daunting at first). During our stay we visited Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Monterey, San Francisco, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Orlando, Miami and finally New York. I’ve got a lot to cover, so I’ll will be splitting up my blog entries into several parts as I make my way through all the photos. So, let’s get started!

Firstly, we landed in LA early in the morning. I only managed around 4 hours of sleep during the 14 hour flight. LA was 16 hours behind Sydney, so the timezone difference was messing with my brain XD. After the first day though my body clock seemed to have adjusted and it was all good from there :D Phew!

Our rental car for our drive up the West Coast.

Driving on the right lane and sitting on the opposite side took some time to get used to. I still don’t fully understand how it all works (LOL), but that’s okay since all I did was sit and snooze; while Hubby did all the driving 8D

On our drive, we kept seeing signs that read “Ped Xing”. I was so confused I had no idea what that was supposed to mean. I assumed it was some street named after an Asian man. But it was everywhere! That doesn’t make any sense XD! Eventually Hubby figured out it was an abbreviation for “Pedestrian Crossing”. Oh my god…lol ahAHHAHA XD Oh America, why?

I also found it interesting that we have to pre-pay at the petrol stations before filling up our car. I guess that prevents theft but it’s not something we’re used to in Sydney.

One thing that slightly bothered me was that the pedestrian crossing indicators don’t make any noise when its time to cross. You actually have to pay attention and look for the ‘walk’ sign to show up, otherwise you’d miss it. The sign is also in white instead of green. Talk about accessibility ;p

Santa Monica

Our first destination was Santa Monica, a coastal city west of downtown Los Angeles. The area felt quite spacious with a relaxed atmosphere. The name “Santa” sure is popular around here; Santa is everywhere XD

We stopped by Bruxie for our first US meal. Fried chicken sandwiched in a freshly baked waffle. YUM! Never had such a thing before.
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Level 40! Finally maxed out in Pokemon Go

26th November 2017

Dear Chibi,

During my holiday in the US, and after 1 year and 5 months of play, I finally joined Hubby in the level 40 club :D

Ohhh it feels good 8D! It takes a ton of exp to reach level 40, so I was never in a big rush to max out. I guess playing a bit everyday adds up overtime (and lucky-egging during special events)

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Trick or Treat!

31st October 2017

Dear Chibi,

Happy Halloweeeeeen! We decided to dress up Champy in his lion outfit, isn’t he adorable? :’) As usual, we couldn’t get him to stop moving around so video screenshots will have to do.

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Saturday Night @Helen’s

29th October 2017

Dear Chibi,

Yesterday we spent the evening at Helen’s new place in Liberty Grove. The area seems pretty nice and it also has a tennis court. Fong managed to play a bit before heading to a bucks, while Jacky & Jia played for another hour or two. The rest of us relaxed with some cheese, olives & crackers back at home.

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Catch-Up Dinner @Arisun

21st October 2017

Dear Chibi,

It’s been a crazy long week in the office. I’m glad I had a Friday night catch-up to look forward to, even though it was unexpectedly cold and wet. It was so cold I had to get an emergency cardigan since I was only in a tee :’D Worked out in the end at least, heheee.

We decided to have Korean @Arisun in Chinatown. This place always looked busy but I’ve never dined there myself. The food’s not bad, very tasty. We ordered the spicy grilled pork belly, crispy boneless fried chicken and diy seasoned rice balls. I think my favourite were the rice balls. It reminds me of Hubby’s onigiri :3

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Dinner @Masuya. Siblings night!

15th October 2017

Dear Chibi,

Last night I hung out with my siblings with dinner at Masuya Japanese Restaurant. I forgot how amazing the food is…everything is so fresh and delicious! My favourite were the scallops but everything was pretty damn good.

Best of luck with your print business Jia and thanks again for the meal :D

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Sailor Moon S Part 2 DVD Review

17th September 2017

Dear Chibi,

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been spending my free time indulging in the newly released Sailor Moon S Part 2 on DVD :D Madman has also recently announced we’ll be getting the 90s Sailor Moon on Blu-Ray for the first time ever! The first 3 seasons will be available as complete Blu-Ray sets starting from 6th December 2017, and the remaining sets will roll out along with the DVDs. SuperS and Sailor Stars (the final 2 seasons) will use newly created masters from Japan for both the DVD and BD sets. Ahhhhh, I can’t wait to see how these look :D!!

For the meantime, here are my thoughts on Sailor Moon S Part 2! (Check out my Sailor Moon S Part 1 review here)

Sailor Moon S DVD Part 2 Madman

“Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune’s search for the three talismans has led them to become targets of the Witches 5, the Death Busters’ beautiful and deadly agents, who also seek the talismans to summon the powerful Holy Grail! Now, Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Guardians are on a race against time to save their friends’ lives and prevent the power of the Holy Grail from falling into the wrong hands. 

Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa befriends a young girl named Hotaru, whose mysterious power quickly attracts the attention of both friend and foe. Is there a connection between Hotaru and the enemy? And who is the Messiah of Silence that is said to bring destruction? Will Sailor Moon’s new power be enough to protect the world from the impending apocalypse?”

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Somps & Dong’s Wedding @Milton Park, Bowral

5th September 2017

Dear Chibi,

Last weekend I had the pleasure of witnessing my dear friend Sompies wed the man of her dreams. I’ve known Somps for over a decade. Sweet and kind, she is one of the most easy-going and down to earth person I know. She kind of reminds me of a boy sometimes (girls are usually much more dramatic XD). Over the years, Somps has always treated me like a younger sister and I wish her nothing but happiness in this next chapter of her life.

Somps & Dong's Wedding

Congratulations to both the bride and groom! You guys looked fabulous. Below are some moments of the day captured by my talented Hubby. Enjoy the eye candy!

Somps & Dong's Wedding

Somps & Dong's Wedding

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