Japan 2024: Arashiyama, Monkey Park, Bamboo Grove

24th June 2024 at 9:25 pm

Dear Chibi,

Ah… Arashiyama. What a fun day to look back on :) During our last Japan trip in 2012 it was also one of our favourite places, so of course we needed to go again with P-chan.

On our way to Monkey Park. Oh these views sure brings back memories :)

We made it to the entrance of Iwatayama Monkey Park. Now for the 20 minute uphill climb!

We took a few breaks in between. It was a pleasant, shady walk but still an uphill workout after all ^^;

Towards the top of the hill was a resting spot with a small playground, including this long slide for those wanting to go down the easy way ;D (I actually walked, I’m not good with slides ^^;)

Our first monkey sighting! P-chan was super excited. 8D

Monkeys… wild monkeys everywhere! We were told not to stare into their eyes, and to hide all signs of food. Just incase.

Photobombed ^.^ What timing!

P-chan loved the macaque monkeys so much. He kept looking for them and following them around. Obviously he enjoyed feeding them too.

Okay, this monkey is a little aggressive ^^;

Monkeys galore!

Once we were done seeing the monkeys, it was time to head down the mountains in search for some sweets!

Dessert of the day *_* Both very delicious but I think the icecream wins.

After lunch, we visited Tenryu-ji Temple on our way to Bamboo Grove. The zen garden is sooo pretty.. it was so big almost a bit of a maze.

The side exit of the temple lead us to Kyoto’s bamboo forest! We’re back! :D Still as stunning as ever…


We slowly made our way back, taking a detour to check out the surrounding gardens.

The Kimono Forest Of Arashiyama

What a day it was. So many breathtaking views to admire, oh-so delicious foods to eat, and so much fun seeing the little monkeys :) Definitely one of the highlights of this trip!

Japan 2024: To be continued..

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