Japan 2024: Nara – a deer wonderland

8th July 2024 at 10:27 pm

Hello again, Nara – it’s been a while!

Deer Chibi,

Nara was one of the highlights of our Japan trip this year. It may have been P-chan’s favourite day out too! He still talks about the deers today, so it’s definitely left an impression on him :D

We headed towards Nara Park, where there were lots of wild deers roaming around. P-chan was so excited and amused by them. He kept asking to feed them, but I don’t think he realised what he was signing up for LOL.

The deers must seem so big in his eyes. They’re practically taller than him XD.

After warming up with the deers… it was time for THE FEED. These 200 yen deer crackers attracted some very hungry and desperate deers XDDD Uh oh!

The deers came running and started to get aggressive! It was a pretty crazy scene.. it was very fun and a bit scary at the same time lol. Scary because they would bite and chew on our bags and clothes while we were holding onto the crackers. Now I understand why we could hear people literally screaming around the deers.

Trying to quickly pass some to P-chan.. but then realising he might get attacked ^^;

Hubby’s turn for the chaos lol

P-chan eventually got a go as well with Hubby protecting him :3

So much more calm and friendly when food isn’t in the picture haha. This deer looks so sweet.

Spotted a fawn taking shelter away from the crowds.

Dessert of the day *_*

On our way to Todai-ji, a buddhist temple with a giant statue of The Great Buddha of Nara. But wow look at this structure o_o It’s so old :O :O :O (and yes, deers still roaming here!)

The vermillion gate before the actual temple.

Ohhh my gosh this is MASSIVE. Our jaws dropped when we saw how insane this building looked lol.

Todaiji’s Daibutsuden Hall


All these statues were gigantic.

At the base of a pillar is a carved hole, which is said to be the size of Big Buddha’s nostril (18″ diameter). According to legend, anyone who manages to squeeze through is believed to be granted enlightenment in their next life.. I looked at the hole and went ‘nope’ I ain’t fitting through that tiny thing! XDD Of course, P-chan took the challenge….

teeheee… easy peezy ^^v


And now Hubby’s turn?!! :O

And he made it too!! My goodness I was getting nervous there. XD

There was so much to see in the surrounding area. There was basically a stunning backdrop every corner we turned, and P-chan enjoyed spotting the deers throughout. That kept him on his feet for the whole day.. 22,000 steps all on his own o_o

Taking a little break and checking on his TamagotchiUni :3

P-chan copying the deers by bowing ^.^

Another amazing day. So much fun, so much to see. P-chan never got bored of the deers. We did a lot of walking that day, and even while heading home P-chan had the energy to run.

Japan 2024: To be continued….

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