Chocolate Princess

6th March 2011

Dear Chibi,

Yay! I’ve finally completed my latest digital painting.. a portrait of Hong Kong singer Charlene Choi (Twins) which I named “Chocolate Princess” :) I started this a week ago and spent about 25-30 hours on it total- pretty crazy huh? I based this image entirely off a reference image- so nope, I didn’t make her up. Maybe one day I’ll be good enough to paint without a reference (though that will be super tough!)

This artwork is my personal best so far so I hope you like it too!

Chocolate Princess art work in progress

Digital painting work in progress

Special thanks to Maki who gave me a crash course on how to blend colours yesterday (when the painting was almost done! haha). I was having a lot of trouble blending colours and it gave me an idea of how to tackle it (though I didn’t follow it exactly, I adapted it to my own style) You can compare the difference with the 2nd picture above with the one below.

Chocolate Princess Close Up

Close up of the finished painting at 100% scale.

Charlene Choi as Chocolate Princess
My favourite parts: Her eyes, her hair with the melting chocolate and the left side of her dress
Most difficult aspect: Her face (in particular her lips), painting/blending skin tone and colouring her dress

Final comments: The fur on her back was fun to paint (though very tiring since I drew every stroke)
I like how she looks in the end, except her face is slightly more chubby than I’d like (it looked thinner in previous revisions but in the end the lighting made her more round.. and I couldn’t fix it, haha)