Goodbye 2022 ~ Illuminate New Years Eve

1st January 2023 at 12:15 pm

Dear Chibi,

This year we decided to farewell 2022 with a fun night out at Fairfield’s Illuminate New Years Eve event, which makes it our first time taking P-chan out for the New Years Eve fireworks. It was a fabulous evening of free carnival rides, food trucks, entertainment, jetpack shows, performances and of course the 9.30pm fireworks! The kids got free lightsabers which proved to be quite a hit.

Lining up for the rides was not so bad since we got in nice and early :) We managed to fit in 6 rides including ‘Lightning McQueen Flying Car’ and ‘Lady Bird Ride’ (not pictured), before we sat down for a picnic dinner.

Whirlwind ride
Cup N Saucer

What an incredible night and atmosphere! Happy New Year :)

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