My Birthday Weekend Farm Stay

24th May 2021 at 3:01 pm

Dear Chibi,

Another year younger…who’s keeping count? ;) My birthday landed on a Friday this year, but Hubby made sure I still had my favourite type of breakfast~ Waffles with oreo icecream served with hot hojicha..yummmm…what a way to start the day! ^.^ <333


My dinner request was a no-brainer~ SUKIYAKI :DDD The cold has made it particularly awesome this year.

P-chan was so excited for it!! His favourite was the beef and tofu.
OH GOSH SO TASTY. Totally had food coma after this. Could not stop eating!!
But wait~ there’s more!! *_*

Hubby surprised me with this gorgeous Banana Caramel Cake from Patisserie New York. So delicious and pretty!! *_* The macaron..oh my.


Thank you Hubby & P-chan for the beautiful cake + card <3 Feeling so much love today. Thank you to all those who wished me a Happy Birthday, and of course Happy Birthday to my twinbee Kaz :D

Birthday Weekend Begins!

The next morning we made our way up north and stopped by Auvers Cafe for breakfast. P-chan was obsessing over Hubby’s hot chips before realising the Egg Nest Corn Fritters was a yummy alternative ;p

Mount Penang Gardens

We arrive at Mount Penang Gardens where we had a picnic lunch and took in some nature. P-chan loved to explore and spent most of his time running around in circles and looking for ducks and birds. He also spotted a hare!

Farm Stay at Mangrove Mountain

And finally, the main highlight of the trip! I was really blown away. This place is so lovely…peaceful and secluded. I love that we have the whole farm to ourselves and P-chan can be up close with all the animals. The owners provided us with a bag of carrots and apples to feed them. There were plenty of sheep, chickens, peacocks, an alpaca and pony.

P-chan saying hi and giving this Ragdoll a pat. It was too busy cleaning itself to look at the camera ;P
Time to see and feed the farm animals :D!
Shall we go in? :O Get up close and personal?
Okay..maybe we should head back out.. XD
P-chan making himself comfortable as he watched the animals from the outside.
Woah! A greyhound! Wait! I’m not supposed to be afraid of dogs anymore! XDD Ok, I’m fine now 8D
Photobombed. lol
New family portrait. Sorry Champy, I guess you’ve been replaced lolololol.
My favourite photo <3

Just before sunset, we headed back to our cabin and Hubby collected logs and sticks for our chimney fire. This kept us nice and warm outside where we enjoyed a home-cooked steak for dinner :D

Roasting sweet potatoes and marshmallow for dessert.

The next morning we went back out to see the animals. Loving the fresh cool air!

Lots of lemons!

After a bacon and sausage breakfast, it was time to say good bye. Thank you to the owners for the wonderful hospitality, we really enjoyed our stay. So comfortable and relaxing. It was just perfect :)

We stopped by a playground in Gosford before heading home for the day.

Thank you Hubby for the most amazing birthday and for all the beautiful photos! I had the best time, and so did P-chan <3

4 Responses to “My Birthday Weekend Farm Stay”

  1. Mark says:

    Lucas looks so happy in the photos :D

  2. Kaz says:

    Oh wooooowww!! Love the photos!!! SO NICE!! My two favourite photos, the one you commented, and the one directly below it!!


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