My ‘Sweet Dreams’ Baby Shower

24th March 2019 at 8:11 pm

Dear Chibi,

I’m going to be a Mummy :3

I’ve been growing a tiny human over the last several months and in just a couple more weeks, we’re finally going to meet our precious little Babian :3 (Not his actual name..incase you were wondering hehe ;D)

This pregnancy has been quite an experience so far… I’m now almost 35 weeks along. Hubbian and I are both very excited and ready to take on this next chapter of our lives together. (As ready as one can be anyway

Yesterday, we celebrated this special time of our lives with a ‘Sweet Dreams’ themed Baby Shower for his pending arrival :3

The Details

Click on the thumbnails below to see all the pretty pictures :D

Ahhhh…eye candy overload. I’m really happy with how the backdrop turned out :) It’s my first time working on one.

The custom-made cake turned out really cute too…. :3

Kaz is putting together a memo-book for me, filled with messages and well wishes from the girls. I can’t wait to see the end result :3

The Games

After some food, drinks & mingling, it was time for the entertainment :) Kaz organised several games with prizes, the first being a favourite of mine… guessing the size of my belly :D

Oh my goodness, Moka’s thread went around my belly TWICE. How big do you think I am??? lolololol. I still have another month before I’m due ^.^”

Incredibly.. not only did one person guess EXACTLY the right size, but there were two winners!! Both Mich & Emily’s guess were exactly the same :O! OMG SO GOOD!

So many funny games ^^ Alas, here are the Hall of Famers:

Guessing the size of belly: Mich & Emily (Tied)
Listing the most boy names starting with the letter ‘J’: Newway (and me :D)
Matching Socks Showdown: Somps (8), Mum (7) (honourable mention)
Feeding the baby blind fold while balancing a plate (don’t ask lol): Bernice
Guessing Babian’s Due Date: To be determined  : >

Let Us Have Cake


Thank you to all the lovely ladies for coming out and making this day feel so special. I had an amazing time, and it was so much fun seeing you all :D Thank you for your well wishes and for the thoughtful gifts. I’m sure the Babian will make good use of them! The custom cards were really cute too (you know who you are :3)

A big special thanks to my helpers Kaz and Somps. From the planning process, to figuring out how to bake cupcakes & ‘cake pops’ (hehe), to setting up on the day. I couldn’t have done this without you.

Thank you Hubbian for capturing all these beautiful photos and creating the most beautiful balloon garland. It end up being my favourite part of the backdrop (and I love everything about the backdrop <3) Thank you for slaving away and helping every way you could (even though I told you you won’t need to do much ^^”)

Thank you Mum for contributing to the food table and offering a helping hand on the day. Finally to my MIL for picking up the Baby Breaths and fruits even though she couldn’t come to the event.

The day was just so perfect. I couldn’t have asked for more :) 

13 Responses to “My ‘Sweet Dreams’ Baby Shower”

  1. Carzy says:

    Oh wow Kerry you did a superb job. So sorry to miss out on your baby shower Jen, hoped you had a wonderful baby shower :)

  2. Manu says:


  3. Karen says:

    Congratulations! The baby shower looked amazing!

  4. Brad says:

    Omg congrats and those decorations look amazing!!!

  5. Carrie says:

    Congrats Jen fabulous news xoxo

  6. Ferdy says:


  7. Kevin says:

    Awesome news Jen. You’re gonna be a great mum!

  8. Floz says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it, Jen and Jacky! Looks like you had a lovely day with the girls! :)